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Poems that I wrote
I worn you ahead of time that I'm not the greatest speller in the world :S
Bullies are Nothing but Cowards
You may think you're good coz you call me names
And you may think I'm hurting inside
You may even decide to get violent
But do you really think I am going to hide?
You may be a lot bigger than me
And you may have won every fight
You may have damaged so many people
But how on earth do you sleep at night?
Knowing that so many people
Are running scared from your fist
And when somebody decides to stand up to you
Hitting them is hard to resist
Lots of people look up to you
Coz they are scared if they don't you'll turn sour
I bet half of them just think you're a bully
But when you say something to them, they just cower
So no one really idolizes you
And nobody wants to follow your path
They're just scared to open their mouths to you
Some of them won't even laugh
You have everybody below you
Obeying your every demand
But if somebody bigger and harder came along
You would bury your head in the sand
You think it's good to pick on people
And point out anything you can
Two children tried their best to challenge you
While the majority of them just ran
These two brave little soldiers
Were taught to stand up for their rights
But you being the bully you are
Saw it as an excuse for a fight
So you made them both feel like nothing
You sent them crying on their way home
They didn't want to admit that you bully them
So they felt they had to fight you alone
So you continued to bully them
You knew they wouldn't tell
And when the parents asked where the bruises came from
They used to say they fell
But the truth is if they had told someone
They wouldn't be where they are
But your name would have been shamed and laughed at
And you would not have won by far
But instead they took the punches
And they didn't say a word
Coz they thought no matter how hard they screamed
Their voices would never be heard
They thought it would make it worse
If they told someone what you did
So instead they waited for school to end
And until you were gone they hid
So all thanks to you not long ago
Two young bodies were found
And now they are nothing but bones
As they lie 6 feet under the ground
And nothing anyone does will change that
They obviously found it too hard to cope
You made them wish they weren't born
But to you it's just a joke
To me you are a murderer
Coz you made two kids want to die
You robbed them of their happiness
And you took away their lives
You may not have actually killed them
But you killed them deep inside
You tore at their emotions
And they knew they had nowhere to hide
So they did what they thought they had to do
Their pain was too great to mend
They wanted to go somewhere you couldn't find them
And they knew you couldn't hurt them again
But now think of both their families
How each day is another struggle
They can't hold their children's hands anymore
They can't reach out to them for a cuddle
You can live your life now
You can still target your dreams
But for the families that have lost their kids,
Well their lives have been ripped at the seams
I hope one day someone bullies you
And I hope you wish you were dead
And I hope each day is a battle
And you wish you'd stayed in bed
Children are dead because of you
And you've left so many lives in a mess
All because you’re just a coward
Who bullied two children to death.

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lil keke -da best
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jun 04, 2009 @ 08:41am
that's Intense
but it's true i feel you i really liked it but it did make me crying

commentCommented on: Tue Jun 09, 2009 @ 08:14pm
wow this is extremely sad..... crying but i liked it

Community Member
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