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Rings Guide
Bump: Bounce your target back on its keester with a big powerful bump of the hip.
Dervish: Whirling at an incredible speed, the user of this ring deals damage to all opponents within close range at the same time.
Hack: A powerful, close-combat abiilty that does raw damage to an opponent.
Mantis: Project a light sword to swifly cleave through the air at your target.
Dervish: Whirling around at breakneck speed causes a vortex of energy harming everything nearby.
Slash: The blow dealt by this close-combat attack hits all nearby targets in the front arc of the attacker. More powerful than the Mantis attack, but slower.

Fire Rain: Summon burning rain from the sky to fall in a small area around yourself. All your enemies will suffer from the effects, but your friends will not.
Guns,Guns,Guns: When all else fails, haul out the artillery and drown your target in lead!
Heavy Water Balloon: Balloons filled with some sort of foul concoction are tossed, creating powerful explosions around your chosen target.
Hornets Nest: Hurl a nest of hornets at the ground, creating a swarm that attack any enemies in that area.
Hot Foot: Set your target's feet on fire, causing it pain for several seconds after the attack occurs.
Hunter's Bow: These arrows may not hit particularly hard, but your target won't be able to run as well with the arrows stuck in it.
Shark Attack: Land sharks move through the ground, attacking the target of your choice and usually knocking it back away from you while also doing significant damage.
Shuriken: Hurl sharp spiny objects of pain at your foes, damaging them slightly while also disrupting your opponent and making it hard for them to be accurate with their attacks.
Solar Rays: Focus the power of the sun into a beam that can reach out and touch your target, giving it a powerfully nasty sun burn.

Improbability Sphere: A personal force field that can deflect attacks away, or even reflect it back on its attacker. How? Very, very improbably...
Pot Lid: When someone is shooting at you from range, try using the Pot Lid to deflect the incoming attacks and keep them from hitting you at all. NOTE: Deflection occurs fairly often, and prevents a large portion of the damage from hitting you when it does activate.
Rock Armor: Cover each of your allies in Rock Armor to give them protection that reduces incoming damage until the effect expires.
Teflon Spray: It's hard for damage to stick to you when you're covered in Teflon. This effect reduces incoming damage *and* adds a chance that any incoming attack will be deflected.
Turtle: The Turtle shell can absorb very large impacts without letting anything through, but only lasts for a short duration.

Duct Tape: Wrap your target up and keep it from moving. NOTE: Hitting a target while it is taped will weaken the tape and allow it to move again.
Gumshoe: Make a target's feet sticky by gumming them to the ground and slowing them down substantially.
Quicksand: Cause the ground at an area to become mostly water, trapping your enemies where they stand.
Scaredy Cat: Something about the vibrations of the cat screeches this ring emits causes targets to run in panic when they hear it.
Taunt: Are your friends in trouble? Do you want to distract those enemies to keep your friends safe? Try this baby on for size.

Bandage: When you Bandage yourself or your allies, they heal some damage every couple of seconds until the bandage has absorbed as much as it can.
Defibrillate: A way to Awaken a Dazed ally. With a big, powerful K-zAP! When used on a Dazed ally, this ring allows you to Awaken them. The more rage used to power this effect, the more ring slots will be available to them after they are Awakened.
Diagnose: A quick heal that affects you and your allies in the immediate area.
Divinity: This ring summons lifeforce energy to increase the rate at which you regain Stamina, even during combat!
Healing Halo: Create this halo over you and your nearby allies. You will all then regenerate health more quickly, even during combat!
Meat: The effect of Meat is to increase your target's maximum health beyond normal and restore that many health points at the same time. This can be used on yourself, as well as others.
Wish: When your friends are wounded, you will often wish they weren't hurt so they could protect you from harm. This ring lets that happen. Cast it on any of your allies to heal up some of the damage they're suffering.

Adrenaline Use this to give your allies a quick burst of adrenaline so they can more easily dodge incoming attacks.
Coyote Spirit: Use this ring to imbue any individual with faster footspeed. This can be used in conjunction with Fleet Feet for very fast bursts of speed.
Fleet Feet: Sometimes, you just need to get away. Use this ring to make you, and any allies in the immediate area, move more quickly. This can be used in conjunction with Coyote Spirit for very fast bursts of speed.
Ghost: Not every challenge should be met with force. Disappear from view with this ring to avoid trouble. You become slightly ethereal and matter occasionally, well, it passes through you in a fairly disturbing fashion. Basically, you get missed more when using this ring.
Iron Will: If you're being slowed, charmed, slept, or attacked by any willpower-based ability, Iron Will creates a fortress around your mind that keeps those effects from taking hold of you. Additionally, since it makes your mind stronger, you can use those same abilities against monsters with greater effect. This can be used on you and any of your allies.
Keen Aye: This ring helps you determine exactly where to attack so you hit more often. This can only be used on yourself.
Knife Sharpen: This ability focuses the combat abilities of any of your allies like the razor-sharp edge of a blindingly sharp knife. This cannot be used on yourself.
My Density:
Are you getting knocked all over the place by monsters? Would you like to weigh more to prevent that without losing your svelte figure? Do it by increasing the density of your body with this ring. This ring can be used on you and any of your allies.

Bonus Sets
When all four rings of a Bonus Set are worn on the same hand together, then the wearer gains extra passive bonus powers to make them tougher.

Rings: Healing Halo, Divinity, Wish, Hunter's Bow
Effect: Increases luck (greater chance for item drop)

Rings: Bump, Taught, Fleet Feet, Strength
Effect: Large increase to maximum health

Rings: Meat, Pot Lid, Knife Sharpen, Teflon Spray
Effect: Extra armor (Defence increase)

Rings: Hot Foot, Fire Rain, Iron Will, Scaredy Cat
Effect: Stamina recovery rate bonus

Rings: Bandage, Diagnose, Adrenaline, Defibrillate
Effect: Health regeneration bonus

Rings: Mantis, Shuriken, Ghost, Dervish
Effect: Dodge bonus

Rings: Hack, Slash, Keen Aye, Shark Attack
Effect: Footspeed bonus

Rings: Improbability Sphere, Duct Tape, Gumshoe, Heavy Water Balloon
Effect: Minor accuracy and dodge increase

RIngs: Hornet's Nest, Quicksand, Rock Armor, Coyote Spirit
Effect: Increase in willpower (increase in dodge for enemy's crowd control)

Space Trooper
Rings: Solar Ray, Turtle, My Density, Guns,Guns,Guns
Effect: Weight increase (resists knockback)

All Credit goes to Glompasaurs for this great ring guide

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