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XD idk

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questions 2 pass time
Your full name: jessica lynn marie
--What does it mean?: idk
Your birthday: you should know
Height: 5'8
Eye colour: blueeeee
--Do you like it?:yessss
Natural hair colour: blonddddd
--Do you like it?: i guesssssss
Gender: heart female heart
Religion: idk
--Have you ever changed religions?: i hope not
--Would you consider it?: idk
Race: white
Heritage: idk
--Do you like your heritage?: idk
Where do you live?: oklahoma
Have you ever moved cities or countries?: yessss
Your job: waitor
--Do you enjoy it?: noo i dont
Movie: twilight
TV show: malcome in the middle
TV character: bugs bunny lol
Movie character: idk
Book: ewwww bookz!
Literary character: ????
Author: ?????
Band: i have so many
Song: i have so many
Type of music: pop rap
Instrument: gutiar
Cereal: captin crunch
Fast food place: chik~fil~a
Dessert: snow cones
Country: idk
City: norman
Place to travel: hawii
Airline: ???
Shampoo/conditioner: dove
Lotion: dove
Subject in school: math
Teacher: Mrs.Bishop
Province: ???
State (if you're American): cailifornia
Football team: ou
Hockey team: i dont do hockey
Athlete: idk
Sport to play: tennis
Sport to watch: football
Fruit: apples
Vegetable: green beans
Snack:snow cones
Meal: ????
Restaurant confused ????
Grocery store: wal-mart
~*Have You Ever*~
Gone on a blind date?: no
Flown in an airplane?: yes
Thrown up on an airplane?: no
Peed in the shower?: no
Peed your pants after you hit double digits?: nooooo
Enjoyed Shakespeare?: noooo
Been to the opera?: no
Been to the theatre?: duh
Streaked?: no
Seen a streaker?:no
Been mooned?: no
Mooned someone?:no
Flipped someone off?:yes
Been in a fist fight?: yes
Been drunk?: no
Had alcohol poisoning?:no
Been walked in on while you're naked?: yes
Slept in a snowbank?: no
Made a snow angel?: yes
Lost any teeth?: yes
Been in the hospital?:yes
Been in a major accident?: ya
Burnt yourself?: ya
Passed out?: ya
Watched a soap opera you didn't understand?: ya
Prank called 911?: noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Made fun of emos?: no
Acted like an emo, just to see what it's like?:no
Cheated on a test?: yes
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
Lied to get out of trouble?: mabey
Started a fire?: no
Roasted a marshmallow?: yes
Set a marshmallow on fire?: yes
--How many times?: 3
Wanted to drop out of school?:no
--Did you?: no
Are you single or dating?: datin
If single...do you like anyone?: i do
--If so, who?: my friend
--Why?: my buissness
--Do you have a chance with them?:probly
If taken...who?: my best friend
if so how long:idk
--Are you happy?fd yesss
Last 4 digits of your phone number: 0919
Your house number: 0009999
Why are you taking this survey?: im bored
What school do you go to?: idk
Do you like it?: nooo
Your school colours?: blue an green
Your school teams' name?: idk
Ever been on a sports team?: idk
--If yes, what was the name of it?: idk
--Did you enjoy it?: idk
What do you want to be when you grow up?: idk
Any plans for the near future?: no
What are your views on capital punishment?: idk
--Nuclear weapons?:no
--Euthanasia?: no
--Can you tell me who the Secretary-General of the UN is?: no
What was your favourite grade of elementary school?: pre-k

What are you wearing right now?: a shirt an shorts
--Any particular reason why?: nooooo
What was the last thing you ate?: pizza
If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?: blue
How are you feeling today?: idddkkk
How many keys are on your keychain?: 23
--What are they for?: idk
What does the room you're in look like?: a game room
--Do you like the room?: yea its my room
Do you own an iPod?: yes
--If yes, what kind?: i-pod touch
Do you wear glasses or contacts?:both
What's your view on laser eye surgery?: neverrrr
--Would you ever consider it?: nooo
Weirdest thing about your parents: idk
What did you do this weekend?: idk
--Was it enjoyable?: idk
What's your greatest fear?:idykd
Your greatest strength?:idk
What country do you fear the most: idk
Have you ever been in a third-world country?:idfk
--Would you ever want to live in one?: ifk
What song do you have stuck in your head right now?: ima star
Will poverty ever end?: idk
--Why or why not?: ikd
Will we destroy our own planet?: yesss
--How? girls r 2 sexi haha lol idk
Man--inherently good, or inherently evil?: idk


like doggies go meow.....
Or is It Da OTHER WAY AROUND????????????
Nahhhhhhhh im just right the way it is.........

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