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Comet's Journal
My journal that I will try to fill in occasionally when I feel like putting in memorable things.
Studies! / other stuff this week!
Okay, so with my studies, it's good, apart from the fact that because we have the worst teacher in the world who I think is partially deaf I may fail, and the school just assumes it's because im not up to standard with how good I am in english, so anyway, they TRIED to make me go to this wednesday class till 5, which is very stupid because that conflicts with my vet that day till 5, so they suggested thursday, but that's tiring because thursdays my bussiest day and i'm exhausted from wednesday..

and also, how the hell is going to a study group class going to help me with oral presentations!? (reason I failed last semester, which is stupid too!! D< wink

and so, screw it xD
i'm not doing it, theres no point, they can go die, they can't make me D<

anyway though i sounded fumed letting all that steam loose, i'm really happy right now ^^ the restuarant was good, though I burnt my hands every time i picked up a piece of equipment to dry it when it came out of the dishwasher, I swear my right hand looks a little black on the fingers, maybe my blood died or something xD

and I got given a really nice thing by someone special, this dragon pendant, which I love so much !! dragon's are so awesome, and so are you onn wink thank you so much i can never repay you with whatever i try to with, which is how much i feel im supposed too.
free dress day tommorow! and we have a sports day coming up excactly in a week, which'll be fun missing a WHOLE DAY OF SCHOOL blaugh

nothing else i can really think of, so ciao xd

edit; oh yeah i forgot, i got world tour back FINALLY ! i'm so glad because i missed it and metallica's lame to play D: but anyway, i played it and phew, im so glad i wasn't wrong on how metallica has a different style of playing, and also the songs are so much better, i love playing re-education by rise against ^^ I can do that on hard now on the drums !

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