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Jessica's blog
My Life so far...
"thats a Knee slapper...And a Half"
Ellloz!!!! again, sorry for not Adding new entries As often as Normal. But luckly today, we only march TONIGHT. sooo, thats gewed...(this afternoon, the band kids get to Register for school) so..woot woot.

#1: Omgee, Our A/c BROKE. What REALLY sucks about that is coming Home from Band Camp, REALLY tired and you find its Cooler Outside than it Is INSIDE...(and its like, 100 outside, wtf )

#2: last Sunday i went over to Nick's House. OMGEEEE it was REALLY fun! we went swimming, and Played..Bachi balls?...hahaha...>w< And played Disney Seen it. and Played with Bows and Arrows. >w< And Maxi had to leave early...;~;...*Sigh* Never the Less, it was still fun! His Sisters Are ADORABLE...O_O And...*Cough*...W-well, Anyway. <///<

#3: My Brother Has been leaving his Bedroom light on, while we go to Band camp, so to punish him, My Step dad grounded him and is making him write 2,000 times " i will not leave my Bed room light on" which sucks for him! xD

#4: Today, we had our Band Pictures! So, i got up at 6:05, Got on the Computer like i do, every Morning. And Nick Was online. hahaha, i was like " O_o " anyway, then i got my Uniform On, and when i went up to show my mom, She looked down at me and said, " Do we have to cut your shirt?" So i had to take EVERYTHING OFF, JUST so my mom could cut my shirt...it feels awkward to wear, because its so short, it only Goes over my Boobs...i look like those drawings Creepy People Draw..>< pervs...
And then, when we got to the school, we stayed there outside for like, 3hrs, just to take a STUPID Picture, im scared i blinked. i KNOW im squinting in it, because the Sun was in our eyes....

This has Been *Drum roll* ~Jessica's Blog~
Mandi: That's a Knee Slapper and a HALF!
Me:...........a Half?

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    F W E E x C H I
    Community Member

    Wed Aug 12, 2009 @ 08:09pm

    xD INSIDE JOKE FTW!!!!!!!
    I did that by myself just for fun and OMG my knee hurts now... I slapped right on the sunburnt part... OW.

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