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Ryeders Second life!!!
KK, this will be my thoughts, warning, they will be random, and I know for a fact that there will be a mix of stories, songs, and poems in here. You will be in my head. Please sign the release forms before you enter. I will not be in fault if anyone
Tell me what you guys think
The room that Demyx showed her was…stunning. Saphira was expecting a room that matched the dull white of the rest of the castle, but was shocked in seeing a room with deep blues and silvers. The floor was a lush dark blue carpet, the walls a lighter shade of blue, and the ceiling a show of many tiles of blue, the different shades making it a piece of art.

“It’s beautiful…” Saphira walked in, the carpet making her footsteps near silent. Looking around, Saphira saw a desk and a bookshelf. On another wall, two doors stood there. Demyx walked beside her, the contagious grin on his face. “I’m glad you like it, Miss Saphira.” Saphira shook her head. “Just Saphira, I don’t like the Miss added to my name.” The words surprised her since she had always been addressed as Miss or Lady Saphira.

Demyx smiled again. “Okay, Saphira. I’m glad you like it.” He walked her over to the two doors, stopping at the one on the left. “This is the closet.” Opening it, Saphira saw what in her mind seemed like hundreds of the same outfit. Black coat, black gloves, black boots. Her eyes twitched at the lack of color. “You don’t have to wear the uniform; I don’t think…I don’t know for sure though.” The other door opened, showing Saphira a bathroom that matched the ones in the spas. “And, obviously, the bathroom.”

Smiling wide, Demyx turned to her. “Well…what do you think? You think you can stay here?” Saphira smiled. “Yeah, I can stay. Thank you, Demyx.” She gave him a slight bow. Truth was, the room wasn’t near as mind-blowing as her one in the Manor…but oh well. This one would do until she finished her mission.

Her mission. Saphira put all else out of her mind as she thought of her job, the reason why she was here. It had been just a few hours ago, her boss had given her the details. "There's this new world that we think has brought some attention to itself," She had said. "What do you mean?" Sighing, her boss leaned against the messy desk. "The Fang has taken an interest in something there. I don't know what...but I want you to find it before they do." Saphira had nodded. "How you want me to do it, Boss?" The other woman had shrugged. "I dunno. Just do whatever it is that is easy for you." Red eyes met golden ones. "Just don't get killed, ok Saphy?" Saphira nodded, and in a flash of blueish orbs, she was gone.

And the rest was history.

Saphira sighed, but was brought out of the past by a hand waving in front of her. "Yoo-hoo, Saphira!" Shaking her head, Saphira looked into a pair of blue orbs. Blinking, the two just stared at each other until the girl finally voiced a simple, "Yes?" Demyx sighed, "It's time for bed, since dinner happened a few hours ago..." Glancing at a conveniently placed clock, golden eyes widened at the numbers of 1:00 AM. "Wow. I didn't know it was that late." Turning to Demyx, Saphira gave an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry." He gave her an odd look. "For what? I'm the one that took forever getting you here." Grinning once again, Demyx walked out the door. "I'll be outside the door when it's time to get up, so..." Waving, he grinned again, "See you in the morning, Saphira!" And he was gone, leaving Saphira in the new room by herself.

Sighing, again, the bluenette looked around, finding a pair of blue pajamas in one of the drawers in a set near the corner. Putting them on, Saphira layed on the bed, looking at the work of art above her. "What did you get me into Boss?"

"s**t!" Moving to her left, Saphira stayed out of range of the ice needles that were following her. "Come on!" Moving again, Saphira tried to out maneuver them, but the damned things just kept following her. Finally, after many close calls, the needles stopped. Smirking, Saphira charged the man, a droll blond man by the name of Vexen, faked right, and ended up behind him, hitting him with the blunt end of her staff. In the few hours that the two had been 'training', as Xemnas, the leader that she had spoken to before, referred to it as, Saphira had learned that all frontal attacks her useless. Attack from the back, and the man was down. She grinned as Vexen finally stayed down.

"Check mate, Vexen." The said man glared at her, and she just stuck her tongue out at him. Sighing, Vexen stood up, not taking her offered hand, and spoke. "You did decently, Saphira. Now, take a break, and we'll see how you do against another one of the members." Saphira restrained herself from rolling her eyes. In less than a week, she had taken down a key-blade wielder named Roxas, a flower boy named Marluxia, an insane lightning chick named Larxene, a British male by the name of Luxord, Demyx, who she found controlled water in an interesting way, a pyro named Axel who reminded her way to much of someone in her past, an insane elf named Saix, almost faced a boy named Zexion, but he sniffed the air and then walked out. That was odd... She had thought. And now she had taken down Vexen. If her math was right, there were only 4 more people for her to face until she had taken out the whole organization.

Not that it would be too hard...none of them are exceptionally powerful. Saphira kept up the thought that she was weak, but this short blue haired girl was anything but. She played along because of the mission. Saphira had to find out who the Fang were after. Something told her it was the kid, Roxas, but then something told her that it was Axel. She didn't trust him, but Saphira knew that it wasn't Axel who she didn't trust, but the one who he looked like. Sighing, the girl walked out of the room, avoiding Demyx. She and him had been inseparable lately, and she didn't like it. For some reason, he had latched onto her, and Saphira knew that he wasn't the only one who had latched. Walking away from the noise, Saphira orbed onto a rooftop away from all of the others, looking up at Kingdom Hearts.

In the time she had been here, Saphira had made it known that she was to be seen as a kind, timid person. The only times that she ever broke free from that facade was when she won a fight, and that was just to show the signs of someone who was happy to win, who struggled. Which she didn't. What Saphira struggled with was making herself seem weak. But...she had to. If Saphira was known to these people for what she was...Saphira didn't know what would happen. For some reason, she felt that it would be a bad thing. Her 'feelings' though, weren't real, and she knew it.

Because, how could you have feelings without a heart?

Rye's Corner

Short, I know. Bite me. Had to end there because I'm getting tired, and I need to go to bed. The next one's gonna be longer, but I'm not grand at transitions. Don't like it? Sue me, but...I got Sexy Zexy as my lawyer, so I'm gonna win. wink The next one WILL be longer, only...this one was kinda just a transitional. Ok, as I said before, this will eventually be a crossover, but until it's a total crossover, there's still gonna be references to other things. Jak 2 is a bog one at the moment. If you don't know that game, sorry.

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