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These are some of my poems/songs/whateva.. Enjoy...
One Death. Many Lives.

How primal and
misleading we are
And yet we have
such potential for
good and caring, but
where does the love hide,
if not inside us all?
Steal yourself away and
search for endless time to
find what makes you tick.
OPEN! Open you eyes
and find a way to shut
out my cold heart. It
means nothing to you,
Or did I exist at all?
Leave me now to rest a while
and ponder what will happen
now. What will come to pass?
if I act so bold and rash
as humans often do.
Minds we have and yet think
we not. YELL! Scream, and
moan like nature is the
ravaged whore. We take what we
want with no thought of return
to whence it came.
Like nails upon a chalkboard scratch
and squeal. As do our minds
when we can not solve
Life's many mysteries.
Forgotten, untamed,
They run amok in gorgeous
chaos to all ends of the
Earth. No part of this world
has not felt the patter of
their graceful feet. Always
there and always nagging
But never ever a concious
thought. Trains upon a track
keep rolling, moving ever forward
Growing dreams fly out the
window running from their
horrid futures. Scared of
what they might become.
We catch and constrain them
thoughtlessly. Shame on us the noble
race, Shame on us, who are
guilty of avarice, Hubris is a sin!
Leaves on branches die
and wither, Fruit upon the tree
will rot and fall. Just as
those whose time is long
since come and gone.
Where do I go from everywhere?
If nowhere is where I live.
Right here, I think I'll
sit and wait. I want to see
this world upon her knees.


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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Oct 07, 2009 @ 08:26am
Wow, love this one! Alot of emotion in it.

commentCommented on: Sun Sep 26, 2010 @ 10:09am
i love this !
there is so much emotion ;D

Community Member
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