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A part i wrote for our school play romantic comedy "check-please" i hope you have a few laughs 3nodding with smilies 3nodding

The not-so Ladies man

Ivan - “Hey what’s up, Chad?”

Chad- (smirks) “I got a date”

Ivan- “really, who are you going out with?”

Chad- (pompous tone) “I’ve got 3 ladies on my hook” mrgreen

Ivan- (in a doubting manner) “no way” stare

Chad- “yes way, the 3 lucky ladies are Jamie, Christie and Isabella”

Ivan- “Are you crazy you’re dating all three at the same time!?”

Chad- (Cool-aid commercial tone) Ohh-yeah.

Ivan- “well if you’d like to know a funny about that, Christie is a black belt in karate, Isabella is captain of the women’s wrestling team and Jamie is an expert in the exotic art of darts you’re doomed cause when they all find out” (slide finger across neck) smile

Chad- “well they’re not gonna find out I’m meeting them all at this restaurant but at different times, what you think I’m stupid?! You better take a notebook you might just wanna take notes”

(they walk off the stage while the girls walk onto the stage giggling and gossiping)

Christie- “what’s new?”

Isabella- “I met the cutest guy”

Jamie- “you did? Me too!, where did you meet him?”

Christie- “ math class was never so interesting”

Isabella- “Well I met my man in geography”

Jamie- (sighs dreamily) “Science”

Isabella- “great! I’ve even got a date with my cutie this afternoon”

Christie- “where? I have one also”

Jamie- “this is so weird I’ve got one at the place with the big menu at 3:00”

Christie - “well, mines at 3:30 but since it’s at the same place I’m gonna go early and meet your guy”

Isabella- “my dates at 4:00 but I can wait an hour I wanna see everybody’s dream dates too!”

(He's doomed rofl )

(Guys sit down at opposite tables at opposite side of stage while girls turn around)

Christie- “Man I can’t see my man!”

Jamie- “I see my guy he’s over there!”

Christie- “Where? I can’t see him behind mine, my boyfriend is the right over there” (points to Chad)

Isabella- “no way, that’s mine”

Jamie- “but the black haired guy is my guy”

(All of them stare at each other) eek

(Chad turns around and his jaw drops to the floor while Ivan points and laughs in silence Chad tries to crawls away (make this as funny as possible)

Ivan- “oh don’t you worry I’m taking notes”

All the girls- “THERE HE IS!!” evil

(Isabella grabs him by collar forcefully by the collar and puts him in a headlock while Jamie throws a dart in Chad’s neck (a suction cup dart that Jamie will throw and Chad will have a dart hidden in his pocket will put it to his neck) and Christie starts karate chopping him for about 45 seconds (more or less is okay) burning_eyes

Ivan- (walks up them and says sincerely) “I’m sorry for eavesdropping but I just couldn’t help but over hear” (looks at Chad disappointingly while Chad looks up bewildered) “no one’s heart is a toy especially with kind people like yourself, you know I-I (says shakily on the brink of tears) Jessica had another g-guy too, (whispers) Jessica, Jessica.” emo

(Girls drop Chad like a hot potato and throw themselves on Ivan)

Isabella- “oh you poor guy” crying

Christie- “would you like me to but you a soda?” crying

Ivan- “J-Jessica got me Doctor Pepper” emo

Jamie- “well I’ll get you coke will you be my boyfriend?”

Christie- “and mine too!”

Isabella- “don’t forget me, you can go out with all of us, at the same time!”

Ivan- “I-I thank you but Jess- “

Jamie- “forget about her you’ve got us now!”

Ivan -(Ivan walks away gets a notepad and throws it at the gawking Chad) “here you just might wanna take notes” wink

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    Tue Oct 27, 2009 @ 08:51pm

    I should reccomend this to my other friends in gaia!!!! blaugh rofl

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