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Hot Ones
Well im a sophmore, i look pretty ok, guys (Mainly creeps) Keep trying (TRYING!!!) to talk to me. *shivers* uh.... creeps.... there just plain, well, creepy.(Smooth wording right? Creeps are indeed creepy) But I still manage to reel in the hot ones.
SOOO! *having a spaz moment right now* The hottest guy in my school (According to me) Is Yesman. (A nickname) Hes a senior and im a sophmore, so theres not much hope there, but you gotta use your eye candies of hottness while they last so me and yesman are great buddies (Not really, we just started getting on talking terms two weekls ago (KYAAA! TALKING WITH YESMAN!)). Me and my friend have stalked him since the beginning of this year, and have made it clear to him that he is yesman last year. Right now, we have actual conversiations (Hes shy around intimidating girls like us). I found out his bday is june 11th, 10 days b4 summer ( the longest day of the year), also, a firday. This also means that his half birthday is Dec 11th, which is also a friday. Well, anyways, enough of my boring stalkerish crap, lets get to the point. Me and YESMAN were talking about math. And (Quote) "you have algebra right?" .... (ME:Yeah?" wink "Haha, (His laugh is like an angels) I miss algebra, it was sooo easy." (Me (THINKING) damn, math is hard! (SAYING) Really? I guess." wink "Well, its so easy!!! I should become a tutor!" (ME (THINKING) HELL YEAH! (SAYING) "I have a math test tomorrow >< xD" wink then we waved goodbye cause we go seperate directions../... and well, completely besides the point, im gonna fail the math test >,< so i decided to bring my review sheet and talk to yesman, like everyother day, before period 2. Now it just so happens that period 2 is my math test, so imma coincidently, bump into him tomorow with a review sheet and ask him everything i dont get (Which is like... uh... everything) and imma have him explain it to me (And i'll hopefully pass the test) plus, if hes good enough at explaining it to me, maybe ill take his word for "I should tutor" OMG OMG OMG OMG HOTTY SENIOR TUTOR!!!! AWWW, THE HOTTNESS! YESMAN I LUV YOU!!! DON'T LEAVE ME NEXT YEAR (This is the obsessive stalkerish side of me talking right there)

i wonder what i should get him for his bday, something that he will remember us (me) by but not something creepy. Maybe something like a picture of me and him (If I ever have the opportunity to slip one of those in. a pic of me and yesman..... me standing next ot someone dazzlingly beautiful...) or maybe just a picture!.... but then of what.... oh yeah the best part of this is, i met him in Art 1 last year xD And hes gud at art xD xD xD YEAH!!! IM gud at art 2!! that sexy beast, he was wearing glasses today, KYAHHH*fangirl glomp* YESMAN with galsses!!!.... oops, my stalkerish side got out again....

When people say "plz" cause it shorter than "please" I tell them "No" cause its shorter than "yes"

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