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He was sitting a desk away and we were all waiting to get out of class, we were only hating one class but soon we became bored with them so we were ready to get to connections then home. Me and Tamara have both connections together, but Gym is our favorite because Caitlin and Shivani are in there with us. He is referring to one of the quite kids in my classes,he got caught for PDA (public display of affection)I laughed my head off. Well this week i was going to a Fall camp up in the wilderness of Canada. I got there at 12:00 noon and it was freezing,i thought it was a normal camp but boy was i wrong. As soon as the parents left all i knew was that everything turned all high tech and i said I thought this was camp man not some crazed place. Some people walk up to me and say " Why are you here if you did not know it was a special agent camp." I say "They don't have Spy Kid's." Then the oldest guy there(13)said "back a-... way? Do I know you?" I say "Uh not really,I know none of you really." He says in a German accent " Well feisty aren't we...by the way i am Rodrick." I walk away to the Cabin and See we were oldest plus Team Capt. of the same team. We shared a fairly big cabin (about 155in wide) he owned one whole side and i owned the other. We shared the bathroom because the cabin had one bathroom and he had the bath and shower on his side. My side of the cabin had the living room which we shared when it was really cold. The 2nd day at camp we had to learn the differences between north,south,east,and west. The next we learned to calculate temperatures and coordinates.Then we learned Martial arts and How to fight with swords. Next we were set 15 miles away and had to find or way back to camp. When Rodrick came in the living room he said" Whats your name anyways?" I answer"Is it really that important.... huh .....but my name is Chanaria." We talk about what we like to do and then Senor Angola asked"So you two are finally getting along". We stand up straight and Rodrick says"Permission to speak sir".Senor Angola said " Permission Granted". Rodrick said" I tried at first sir but she ignored me for a very long time." "Sir" I say "Well sir i am very quit especially sharing a room with a guy. Sir!" Rodrick laughs and grabs my waist and gives me a hug. When senor Angola left i say "It's not funny i just can't stand living with guys"We walk out the Cabin with are 10-12 year old group. We took them out to see a scary movie when an explosion goes off and choppers fly in and I see senor Angola run away instead off helping him i grab him and take him to the choppers. Rodrick and I became leader of the camp and sent everyone home including us. Then when i got back i told them all about it except about the spy things, mostly about Rodrick. Crazily he ends up moving down to small old Vidalia,Ga. When found out we had our first and last two classes together i freaked. He comes up to me and says "Look i have been working on my muscles." I say " I still love your blue eyes and accent." He smiles and introduces himself to my friends. Tamara grabs my arm and whispers "What in the world is he doing here...girl" I say " It is Rodrick from camp and no he has no idea where i lived." I sat next to my friends and he with his. Then during this summer we were getting a non double crossing agent to teach us. When we returned i was lying on the bed and had undivided the Cabin. The head of the bed faced the head of his. We were talking when he asked "What do you think about me taking you to the Camp KintAgent Dance?" I say "Uh that sounds great...but what am i going to wear?" He says well we leave a week before and we can go shopping in Atlanta. Oh and i am picking you up so i can meet your dad". We let are cadets come in around 11:00 and let them watch adult Swim with us since it was Friday. The next day the kids left and we stayed to have a party before it ends.... Me and Rodrick held it at a bonfire near the lake that night. The same camp leaders slept in the tent with th other camp leader they share there cabin with.Chanaria(me) went back to the cabin and put the beds together and got ready to spread out across them when Rodrick comes in and says "Shh don't move.....leave the beds." I look at him like he is crazy and say " Why?" I mean like...."He cuts my words off with a sweet kiss and says"Good night babe." I lye awake for 4 min. and wonder What in the heck was that for..Then he grabs my waist and holds me until morning. I wake up and Rodrick was still sleep the sun shining on his gold pretty hair. He opens his eyes and jumps into the shower i say "hurry up so i can change." He grabs off my close and pulls me in the shower with him. We kiss then finish washing up we come out and everyone is like whistling and girls asked me what was going on between us but i said "we kissed twice now let me be please". We rode in his car that reminded me of Ben 10 friend Kevin's car except his was red and black. I sleep in the back seat while he drove he says" you want some coffee candy anything to drink. I say "Energy drink pop rocks and some very fruitful gum called Trident layers." He kisses me and looks at my face for a long time and i think i can read his mind....????!!! I say to him " I had the weirdest dream that i could read minds and people all thought at the same time so i could not tell...." Then I faint and when I wake up I am in a house I do not know and then I hear Rodrick think " Maybe now i can take her home and uh....Wait is she awake yet." He comes over and says "we have an hour to get you to your house." He sits me up and gives me something thick and red(it was nasty).I told him then he touches my hand i say " Are you sure you aren't going to become telepathic." He laughs with me and puts me in the car and Drove me to my house(3miles from his). We were listening to Eminem in his car while we were heading to the dance. They played all these songs and then we danced to two slow songs. I was tired around 12:35 heading back up to the little kids cabin making sure they were sleep Tim and Jim were not and were the 13 year old's who moved in so i divided the room again. Rodrick threw a fit and delayed a week of camp away so they would make our Cabin bigger with two bathrooms.
We came back and it looked like a mansion with out the second story. We divided The Cabin with Jim and Rodrick on one side and because Tim was neat he was on my side. The rooms were down the hall and across the way like an X the living room and kitchen would be right there when you walk in the door. We had to defuse a bomb and learn more hand to ha.nd combat. We had to learn to play instrument's and other things if our mission requires it. They had no time before summer ended and before there friendship would until they made an outrageous plan to move to the same place. They were all ready and the friendship of her and Rodrick were ending. He had to go on this mission where he ended up staying and fell for this other girl. When she went back to camp Jim had went to a new cabin and Tim and I had stayed. He kept trying to build a relationship with me. We kept the cabin split but changed it around and turned the extra two rooms into a library and a game room.I spent most of my time studying and practicing fighting. They were going to station Tim and his parents in England but they did not want to separate me or any more of my friends. I got a scholarship to a private school the government made for Teen Secret Agents. My 14 birthday was coming up soon so i was ready to leave TSA and plan my birthday trip for summer. We learned so much stuff at TSA because we had to learn a lot of things like how to use weapons Biology and even Algebra. Tim and I had to go and retrieve a advanced weapon stealer sailing them in the black market to Zeke Fang in England. We saw Rodrick while we were there he was going to ESA( England school for Agents). He says " Chanaria i missed you and Tim" Then he sees me holding Tim's hand. He punches Tim and says" Dude you knew i liked her." Tim said " You moved and left her and then found a new girlfriend." "Rodrick" i say "We are on a mission so leave." Rodrick kisses me and says " I am sorry i am coming back soon anyways." Tim says" So are we going out now?" I say "No not really but lets continue on and find the stupid house for Intelligent Teens." We walk and see that Zeke Fang is a 14 year old? I say " Is this the Fang house for Intelligent Teens." Fang Jr. was tall muscular and light skinned but slim. He said "You boy go in side...." Tim walks in side and takes his bags in. Zeke says" I am Zeke fang Jr. but please call me Fang... What is your name?" I answer " Is it that important.....but my name is Chanaria. You can call me Dr.Fussell." He looks and raises one eyebrow" You are to young to be a Dr but ok." Fang might have been a light skinned black kid but he had Ice cold blue eyes. He asked me" So... what do you really want to learn how to do?"
" a little bit of Skateboarding tricks. What about you"
" I want to just hang with you and you have class at my house in 2hours i made your schedule's. I put you in all my classes now lets go." We got taught by a professional his father must have money. He gets me back an hour before he whispers something in Mr.Fangs ear and Mr. Fang grins showing his pearly whites and Fangs. I thought that was ironic and when i saw Fang Jr. smile he had the same teeth.

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