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got j!zz?....i know i dont...O.o
Look at this conversation with this person on Omegle.com
Stranger: dude
You: no
You: >_>
Stranger: aa, girl?
You: si~
Stranger: well me to, but i'm still a dude
You: >_> that makes NO sense what so ever
Stranger: it dosen't.. hmm guess you not as cool and "hip" as me then
You: so you have a mangina?
Stranger: nono!
You: XD
Stranger: a have a v****a, just like you.. i think?
You: u sure? >_>
Stranger: and boobs and all that, but if someone says, hey dude, I will answer them
Stranger: *looking down* .. yeah!
You: so your name is dude? and you have a half-mangina?
You: >_>
Stranger: dude.. you got this all wrong!
You: so dude...whats it like to have half of a mangina?
Stranger: well. i'm bi.
if I had a mangina I would be so lucky
You: O_O......>_>
You: so u used to have a mangina until rabid wolves bit it off?
Stranger: i think your metal
Stranger: no
You: i not metal i have skin
You: *pinches arm* yep skin
Stranger: that came out wrong
Stranger: what I was meant to say was
Stranger: MENTAL!
You: >_> maybe...maybe not
Stranger: metal? no not metal as in metallic weird and house kinda stuff
Stranger: metal like in.. slipkonot?
Stranger: you see?
You: i'd perfer Disturbed thank you very much >_>
You: in both ways MENTAL and METAL
Stranger: i saw them this summer smile
Stranger: oh yeah
Stranger: yeeeeeeeeeeah!
You: *HIGH FIVES* biggrin
Stranger: *HIGH FIVE*
Stranger: you never seen them?
You: no, my mom would never let me go to any concert of any kind
Stranger: oh. how old are you?
You: >_> in between 15 and 13
Stranger: 14? smile
Stranger: where from?
You: maybe maybe not {yep}
Stranger: haha
You: the united states {im not naming the state kuz of stranger danger razz }
Stranger: hahah okej
Stranger: i don't know so much about then u.s states anyway
You: oh lol where u at?
Stranger: sweden! smile
You: oh really? a lot of people on Omegle seem to be from sweden
You: idk y thoug O>O
Stranger: haha okey biggrin
You: have you ever heard of Invader Zim???
You: Nightmare Before Christmas???
You: >_>
You: @_@

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