Chapter 3 - The forest of screams
We are going into a large forest. Every tree taller than 12ft. I hear whispers in my head telling me to look around, danger is near.
"We must be careful here, it is the forest of Screams."Iren whispers.
I think, Thats why my thoughts are telling me danger is near.
"Why? And what is the danger."I whisper back softer than ever.
Iren looks around.
"The enimies here are strong, there are the Neown they are big and bulky figures. The can stand up to 12ft. tall. Then there are wild elves, these elves have gone evil. They will kill anything in sight just to eat, they are a bit fat so don't think one shouldn't kill because it looks so. After that there are shadow warriors, they can be in front of you one time then in back the next. Their blades have a star on the handle, it is long and thin. If you find any of these beings have caution."
Iren moves his bony fingered hand into his pack, he pulls it out to reveal a sword of the same description of the shadow warriors.
"How did you get that. It looks like what you described as a shadow warriors sword." Athoraxe leaned
a bit closer to the sword.
"Indeed it is Athoraxe. I got it when I was young, the man who taught me what you now know gave it too me at death. It was horrible."
Sorrow filled Iren's eyes.
A piercing scream filled their ears, Iren passed the sword to Athoraxe.
"Use it. The screams come when danger is near."
Athoraxe gripped the sword tight.