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The Artist's last poetry on this horrid site.
Tale of Arctarius
" I remembered it like it was yesterday... The invasion of Mørklegg By av Hat, had plundered...

It was a darken town, filled with citizens of the fallen light of Himmelsk Sarioa. We survived day in and day out with the ultimate maelstrom, known as Kunst av nytt liv. It saturated every fiber of our being to make us live. We fed off it's power, and returned it back with the art of written literature.

Until the cloak of holy came to drive us out...

" Rise up, Olmtinuea, the hour to cleanse this village has come! The awful stench of Sorgens reeks upon it's very elemental gifts! Purge this town! Purge it till the last soil! "

I heard the howls of vengeance outside my small cabin... The next thing I heard...was sounds of blades swinging against the sound of demons.

The invasion lasted near day. When I found my people on the floor, I could not resist to weep, as the ink of my fallen artisans stained the path. The man leading this involvement, looked me into my blacken eyes.

" Look here men! We have one surviving! Well, we're not going to kill you petty demon, you and your... dark creations will stay sealed forever. Learn from your mistake, demon, for now, your maelstrom calls for your creativity, It will die in its own downfall... "

After the left, I crawled to the far end of the cliff, leaving a trail of blood- and darkness, I watched in sorrow as the beloved maelstrom, died...

Only after it's absence, I felt now how dependent I was. How much I need to give. I wandered. Through forest, through meadow, hoping to find a cure for my aching mind. I stumbled upon a demon named, Suverenitet. Suverenitet promised me new creativity, I bowed as he chained me, and turned me into a dread demon. I felt a taste of what true power was...

Until it was taken from me, by Sorgens!

Suverenitet was then gone, as Sorgens offered me a better idea. Sorgens wanted me to seek the living world, the mortal realm of humans, and hybrid animals and elves. In search of the origin of light, and the weakness to repel against the Olmtinuea. I was blessed to become his accomplice, and I, became the true enemy of the mortal realm!

I laid besieged as colorful forest turned into undead and dull. I lead my own demonic army, and burned down church of holy light, chapels were left to nothing and Cathedrals were in ruins. I saw a brief future, of what I will do to the Olmtinuea... but realizing now, these mortals are nothing like the Olmtinuea. They offered food, prayers, and other useless items I never thought of. I fled, and banishing my demonic army. I fled back into my realm of Død, and spoke against my Master's command, Sorgens! He banished me back into the mortal realm. I became, human. Blind for eternity, and only wielding mending powers. I found the glasses that Sorgens made for me, so he would see me suffer in this much more gruesomely.

All was not lost. The curse that Sorgens thought he gave me, soon became a blessing. I adapted to this new life. However, my soul yearns the death of my art, the maelstrom, but I vowed to show these mortals what demonic poetry is. To show them, what agony I have faced. To show them the evils of my master. To show them, what a betrayer of hell has done.... "

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