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Musings of a child idiot.

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The Day Romeo Alpha Bravo Bravo India Tango lost his Marbles
I don't update my journal very often anymore so I decided to post a little story I wrote, like, five minutes ago. Though, I don't know how anyone will find it considering I don't post very often anymore. Oh, well. Here's for anyone who does read it! There's a lot of run on sentences and that crap so my excuse is that I was never very good at english.

The Day Romeo Alpha Bravo Bravo India Tango lost his Marbles.

There was once a rabbit named Romeo Alpha Bravo Bravo India Tango. He was not a very happy rabbit because no one ever bothered to remember his name.
"Why helllloooo, Romeo.. Al-Alpha.. Dog Acne face!" Beamed his arobics class teacher, Mr. Orange Jello head. "I see your two ugly little ears are as funny looking as ever.. So hows the family--" "Orange Jello Head, you fiend!" Screamed Romeo Alpha Bravo Bravo India Tango fiercly. "MY FRICKIN NAME IS ROMEO ALPHA BRAVO BRAVO INDIA TANGO!!!" That's when he pulled out his machete and chopped up his entire class and set fire to the roman councel.
"Feh." He sighed as he swung Mr. Orange Jello Head's head by the hair. "All I wanted was to be treated equal, for at least one person to remember my.. my NAME!" Romeo Alpha Bravo Bravo India Tango fells to his knees in tears.
"It's because I'm a multi-coloured paisley pattern rabbit isn't it?! ISN'T IT?!"
As he stalked off towards his house boat to drive off and catch his plane ticket to the hospital he lived at he muttered one last thing, "I hope you remember my name when Satin asks you about me while you're all having your guilt tea party, BISHES!" When he got to the hospital he felt like a huge weight was lifted off his back. He climbed up the stairs to his room in the closet and opened his drawer.
"At least I have you guys to keep me compan--" Romeo Alpha Bravo Bravo India Tango's face contorted in fear and confusion.
"Wha-What's going on... Here...?" He giggled maniacly as he shoved his empty juice wrappers around the drawer. After about seven hundred minutes of searching he lifted his face to the sky and began ripping his fur out.
"Where on Arthur's Round Table are my marbles?!!"

The End.

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comment Commented on: Sat Mar 11, 2006 @ 04:46am
*sniff sniff* ...Th-that was beautiful. cry

comment Commented on: Sun Mar 12, 2006 @ 06:32pm
*Sniff* Wasn't it, *Sniff* just, my lovely? *tear tear*

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User Comments: [2]
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