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Red Start's Thoughts!
We all know how boyz can be. One day they say they're into you, then the next they don't even acknowledge you in the hallways. Most of the time guys still feel they need to play games, or act cool even after admitting to you they like you (that means vulnerability for guys, so to try to act cool or tough afterwards is normal). What do you do? Well I've learned the hard-way. I used to nag my ex about why he didn't reply to my texts/e-mails and when we could hang out. Seems normal right? I had a right to express my feelings, but to guys this means you're clingy or constantly wanting to be with them (no matter how true this might be, you can't tell him... guys would be tyrants if they could, all you have to do is give them power)! My point is, guys can be hard to read but I'm going to give you the answer to some pretty common situations between guys and girls.

1. Like I said, he just told you he likes you, or asked you out. Now he won't talk to you in the hallways or after class?
Answer: He put himself and his feelings on the line to tell you and became vulnerable. We all know that guys hate to be on the bottom of things, so he is most likely just trying to act cool or play games to get back on top. What YOU need to do is just act normal, and try to make conversation in the halls. If he still doesn't react then you need to talk with him, or end things.

2. Doesn't reply to your texts/e-mails.
Answer: Face it, guys have lives like us... and as much as they care for us they'd probably rather hangs with friends, play Halo, or watch sports. It really isn't a matter of video games over you (he'd pick you if he was smart... otherwise dump 'im) but he is obviously enjoying life and/or busy with things he doesn't have time to check his phone or e-mail. If this goes too far, just casually bring it up sometime when you're hanging out. Like this:
"Hey, did you get my text/e-mail I sent you?" Don't freak out, because it really has nothing to do with the way he feels about you.

3. He's a total flirt, you can't keep him away from others!
This guy could be either A. trying to make you jealous by hanging with his gal-friends, B. he has a flirting problem, he just naturally flirts with girls! C. Trying to (once again) get back on top by making you vulnerable while he hangs out with his friends and ignores you.
Answer: Really girls, no matter what his purpose is, don't play games back, or bag on the girls he hangs out with around him or any of your friends, and most definitely DO NOT tell him to stop. Just make time to hang with him, and accept that you have your guy-friends and he has his girl-friends. If it really goes too far, just mention that you've seen him flirting with other girls and it needs to stop or you have to end.

There you go! I hope this helps you girls, because the main problem with boyz is communication. They just don't get it! But in the end, if they truly care about you, then it's worth working out some of the issues you're bound to have in your relationship... if not you can end it faster than I can say farewell!
Red <3

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commentCommented on: Sun Apr 04, 2010 @ 01:58am

thats kinda true lol alot true 100% true

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