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Moments Being Wasted
Time Ticks By.
I asked DLS a question.
"What's DLS' opinion on true love?"

As corny as it sounds, I got a few replies and they were all especially touching~

I'm making this all anonymous. No one knows who wrote what, kay?


"True love is when you can scream at someone, how much you hate yourself, all the things everyone hates about you,
when you can flip out at them for dumb s**t.
When you can be totally yourself.

And they still think the sun shines out your a**."


"I question daily whether or not it can actually exist. I know it can, because I've seen it and felt it, but it's hard when everyone you've trusted has taken turns crushing you. I find when I'm truly in love with someone though, I am willing to give up everything for them; even my own happiness if it is necessary. It takes a lot for me to love someone though, because to love them I must trust them. Well, at least to some extent.

So, all in all- true love is real, just much more rare than it's thought to be. More often than not it's just infatuation."


"As pessimistic as it sounds I think true love is something that only exists in books and on the radio, and to go looking for it is silly. To let it come to you will only end up in something bad. When you find it, you'll know it, and you'll wanna hang onto it.

Kinda wish someone sent me this message before."


"I have always been a believer in true love. I am what one would call a hopeless romantic. And I think that helped me nab the man I believe to BE my true love. People who say they don't believe in love and love will never happen for them YIELD those results by putting that into the universe.

Anyway, I really believe in it, but it's no fairy tail. It takes hard work and someone who truly steals your heart actually isn't for you in the long run. Life is still life, with or without true love.

So what do you think?"

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