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My Entry "Little Princess Mee"

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My journal, on my profile, with my feelings.
Don't like it, don't read it.

When someone says "take it as a grain of salt", of course it's
easy to say it when they are not the one going through it.

The hypocritical way I'm called a hypocrite when
I get angry or upset.

**Getting upset over nasty attitudes is not being a hypocrite.
It's called human emotions and you would do it to if it happened
to you.

In fact I've seen the tables turned when a bully receives harsh
comments. They react the very same as I do**

What comes around goes around is a true cycle that happens.
Trust me on that. You will realize when you're older how stupid
you were acting.

The rules do not say if the entrant can't handle it then stay out.
But the rules do have much to say about those who wish to
be inconsiderate when commenting.

I have never wanted to explode more over the comments on
my entries as I do on this win. I didn't expect to be bombarded
one after another by such stupid, thoughtless, closed minded,
negative jerks who lack common sense. Instead of asking me
questions about the items they automatically think I'm the stupid
one and bash my poor Little Princess Mee. Not one comment
was constructive. If someone doesn't like it fine,
but do NOT treat me like I'm stupid.
No one likes to be insulted like that, especially at my age.
Don't like sensitive people? Better be careful what you say.
Trauma may just happen in your life that causes you to suffer
emotionally and it turn into Anxiety or PTSD. Of course.

And for the "it's just pixels" comments. Tell that to the artists.
I know, as I used to do pixels. It is very painstaking. Much
harder and longer than free hand drawing. It caused tendinitis
in my wrist and it's painful.

To end the arguments that shouldn't have happened. Here we go:
Elves are not always meadows and flowers. Royal Medieval elves
fight in wars, this includes the females too. I'm not a fan of Medieval
times or the Lord of the Rings series, but Arwen from Lord of the
Rings is a perfect example of an elven princess who battles,
and in a dress! She doesn't look bad to me. She is pretty and
feminine. All these attributes rolled into one. Yet, it is found to be
a crime for my princess to have the same qualities. Wait! What
about the queens from The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.
They aren't elves but they are higher rank than a princess and
they are very feminine and they won the wars. They were always
prepared for battle even when there wasn't one. If you don't know
anything about the subject then shut up and listen and learn.
Here's a big one. Princess Leah's dress, hair, makeup,
in the original 1977 Star Wars.

I found these examples after I was argued with.


A watchtower among beautiful elven ruins.
Wow, looks mighty familiar, doesn't it?

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Arwen's Battle Dress

User ImageUser Image

Arwen's battle dress drawings from:

User ImageUser Image


"Elven Warrior Princess" by Timothy Kou

User Image


And for the argument over the pearls in her hair.
"Where where where?"
Well, there there there you go. Voila!
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Part of the original poem by J.R.R. Tolkien
I added in the description:

Little Princess Mee
Lovely was she
As in elven-song is told:
She had pearls in hair
All threaded fair;
Of gossamer shot with gold
Was her kerchief made,
And a silver braid
Of stars above her throat.
Of moth-web light
All moonlit-white
She wore a woven coat,
And round her kirtle
Was bound a girdle
Sewn with diamond dew.


Entire poem here:


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Psycho has Left
Community Member

Tue Aug 10, 2010 @ 09:39am

A lot of the kids on here obviously lack in education. You would think that parents would teach them a bit better. Even I know that a princess is allowed to be in battle; another good example is Guinevere (played by Keira Knightley) in the movie about King Arthur. It could be that these kids on here don't watch alot of fantasy movies or if they do, they 'forget' what's in them.

I think your Little Princess is very nice, piss on what everyone else thinks and they should keep their crappy comments to themselves. If you can't say anything nice, shouldn't say anything at all.

Community Member

Wed Aug 11, 2010 @ 12:08am

Lack of common sense is another. Seriously, I honestly don't understand where their thought process is these days. Just because she's a princess she doesn't have to dress like one. Show me where these rules are!
Geez, WHY is all of this so freaking confusing to them?

Gaia had better start changing some things for the artists' sake and sanity when it comes to harassment and bad attitudes from raters/commenters defending their actions with "I'm giving my honest opinion" or "I have a right to my opinion" excuses, and punishing those who won.
I am through being nice.

Community Member

Sat Aug 21, 2010 @ 07:56pm

After dealing with so many mouthy kids on Gaia. It makes me VERY thankful my children are respectful to adults. With all these kids and young people getting away with mean hatefulness in the arenas, it makes me angry. My kids would have been punished for being so disrespectful to another person. It's hard to comprehend how parents don't teach their kids to be respectful to each other. And they grow up to be hateful and harsh adults who are negative minded and criticize everything a person does. People like that have troubles with relationships.

Community Member

Sat Oct 09, 2010 @ 07:56am

Check out my recent journal post "My 'Gothique Soiree" Entry for my new rants.

User Comments: [5]
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