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Mimkis dreams and thoughts~

It wasnt super effective
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Luna Kision Luon

This is my perminate OC who i love and definatly need to draw more of.
This post explains and describes her. And hopefuly one day i can make new OCs and maybe wright a story for them xD.


Full Name :: Luna Kision Luon, also known as Luu.

Age :: Shes just turned 15.

Mother - Amy Luon
Father - James Kision

Siblings ::
Brother - Mathew David Luon also known as Matt or Max
Sister - Kristle mary Luon also known as Krissy.

Home town :: 'Place of the stars'.

Current location :: Unknown.

Physical Apperance

Hair :: Jet black in color. In bright light it can be seen to have a deep purpaly tinge but not clearly notisable.
[Crappy Ref]

Eyes :: Deep blue / grey, can become lighter blue in sertain lights.

Skin :: Pale ivory.

Body type :: Light and thin due to power over use. Though she eats alot to keep alive.

Skin markings :: Golden yellow stain of the skin on her right cheek and rib cage. These are clearly visable.
[Cheek ref] [Back ref]

Equip List

Top :: Black leotard / Skin tight top. The same matiral as leotards. No sleeves but has a high neck line. Also has large arm opernings.
[Top ref]

Coat / jumper :: Dark brown, near black, fabric coat with a pol type neck line attached. It has similar markings around the rib cage, like her skin markings. The color is more tanned on the coat and the markings are different on the back of the coat to her skin.
[Coat ref]

Bottoms :: Low waisted, red-tinted, black shorts.
[Shorts ref]

Socks / shoes :: Obove the knee badge colored leg warmers, slightly baggy on her legs. Her boots are just bellow the knee and black again like her top. They have a white band over the front of the foot and the back of the ankle.
Shoes and Legwarmers ref] Ignore the 'Above the knee boots' Its ment to be bellow.

Accesorys :: She has a double belt around her waist. One tight fitting and the other half hangging off.
[Belt ref]

Weapons :: Her super awesome 'Lazer scythe'. I cannot claim this as my own since i don't know if i made the style of it up : o. Probably not.
The scythe in its original form is simply a long metal, thin, pole. Once activated / used by Luna it then emerges 5 slices of a scythe, one being attached to the pole and the last being the point. Its called a laser sythe because when Luna edmits enough of her power in to the pole, all 5 seem to brake up the atoms around them, causing them to glow. Therefore, it is seen as a laser sythe.
-If you want to use this idea, please ask me since i want to see your idea of it : D-
Kran, which is attually a living being. Hes more of a demi-god then a human, when seen he looks more of a golden phenix which is wear Luna got the markings on her skin from. Kran is the demi god of light and darkness, though he is seen as light due to his true form. Kran can and rarely does, transform as such into a human.
[Laser Sythe] [Kran ref underway.]

Picture refs

[Atsasuki coat] Not her coat C:
All refs done by me, unless stated : 'D

Please draw her for me. C':

I'll wright her background up in my spare time ;D
Also All refs will be remade in better quality so you can attually tell what they are. Sorry for all my crappy refs. Checking out her full refs will help understand alot C:

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