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Heir Grammatik Nazi
I'm a Grammar Nazi. Get used to it. I don't do it out of cruelty or to make fun of you, I do it to help. I get the odd lulz out of it though, so here they are.
"If You're Rich, You're Automatically an a*****e"
Original post:

yes, if u read this it means RICH ppl U need to stop acting like MORONS and THINK that u think its over think again u can get hacked banned and since ur acting mean to the noobs...............one day they will get richer than u THUMBS UP IF U AGREE.... so rich ppl i understand u wnna be treated like a rich person.............since u were a noob u got treated tht way too.And noobs plz dnt cyber its fake wut happens if they look weird in rl life i under stand.......................so plz give me a thumbs up if u agree with all this TY. if u wnna talk bout it send me a pm ok ty now u must think about this rich ppl.............................and noob think bout ur future on here. ty smile i was a noob and rich JERKS made fun of until my friends ALL OF THEM helped me understand tht rich ppl r jerks and we were all noobs once so RICH PPL DONT THINK UR ALL BIG be nice gosh. TY THUMBS UP IF U AGREE

My reply: (Which she deleted, by the way.)

Moon Called Shadesri
*cracks knuckles*

"Yes, if you read this, it means RICH people ((you is not needed here, as either you have not addressed anyone new or have failed horibly at making a clear attempt to address them.)) need to stop acting like MORONS and THINK. That you think it's over think again. You can get hacked or banned. ((Cut out the "and", try to avoid run-on sentences.)) Since you're acting mean to the noobs, one day they will get richer than you. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE. ((Don't use ellipses as periods.)) So, rich people, I understand you want to be treated like a rich person. Since you were a noob, you got treated that way too. ((Congratulations on using "too" correctly here.)) ((Don't begin sentences with conjunctions.)) Noobs, please don't cyber. It's fake. What t happens if they look weird in real life I understand. ((I don't know what you're trying to say here. I really don't.)) So please give me a thumbs up if you agree with all this, thank-youp/color]. If you wanna talk about it, send me a PM ok? Thank-you. Now you must think about this, rich people: (and noobs, think bout your future on here. ty smile ) I was a noob ((You still are.)) and rich JERKS made fun of me, until my friends )ALL OF THEM) helped me understand that rich people are jerks. We were all noobs once, so RICH PEOPLE DON'T THINK you're ALL BIG. Be nice, gosh. Thank you. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE."

User Image

User ImageI fixed the OP for you so it actually makes sense. I hope you learned something.

Before you brush me off, the most expensive item in this avatar, excluding the moon, is 21k.

Now then, counter point one: Why does me making fun of noobs mean they will inevitably become richer than myself or any one else who may somehow hurt their feelings? It makes more sense that because I have a nice head start on them, they're probably never going to become richer than me. Also, why should I care if they get more Gaia Gold than me? Gaia Gold can't by food or pay rent. Even if they had more real money than me, I wouldn't care. I don't pick on people for being poor -or- wealthy.

Counter point two: Why would I want to be treated as if I were rich? If you're sucking up to me because I have more pixels than you, then my opinion of you is going to be even less. Even if I did, it's not to make up for some mistreated early years of Gaia-use. I wasn't treated like a "noob" because I didn't act like one.

Three: Why did you suddenly start addressing noobs? I thought this was being addressed to the "rich elite". At the very least, if you're going to make an aside, have the courtesy to do it in a new paragraph.

Really, comes down to this. You seem to be under the mistaken belief that being rich somehow makes you a jerk and the only reason rich people are mean to poor people is because they're poor and new. This is untrue. This is going to sound mean, and you're probably going to brush me off as some rude jerk, but I'm being honest. People are being rude to you and your friends because you're being stupid. If you spell and write so poorly it's a half-hour chore for me to fix it, then why should anyone care about what you have to say? If you're going to get upset about it, then that's only going to encourage people.

In short, take some time to write things out properly and correctly. Make contributions to the community instead of just whining about it. Right now, you're troll-bait and people are going to take that bite. Clean things up and you'll find things will be at least slightly better.

Moon Called Shadesri
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Moon Called Shadesri
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    commentCommented on: Fri Jan 28, 2011 @ 07:02am
    I love you. :'D

    commentCommented on: Sat Jan 29, 2011 @ 06:12am
    Ohhh. I see what you did there.
    You corrected her grammar/spelling whilst also making your own mistakes.

    That Lame Kid Over There
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