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Name: Cream Momo
Age: 14
Height: 5'6
Weight: 105
Gender: Female.
Personality: Pretty melow, likes to fight on her own and rarely wants help from the other Mew's but putting her fighting style aside,she is overall a very happy girl and a likeable person and loves to work at Cafe Mew Mew with the others. She is fused with the genes of a White Tiger.
Description:Every Mew has their own color, Cream's color is white and a bit of black. She has a blue bowed ribbon around her neck, with her transformation medallion hanging from it. She has Lolita styled boots that are white with black laces. Her right boot is sometimes untied, it depends on the artist. Her outfit is a spaghetti strap dress top from hip-up, fits her perfectly and has a criss cross around the neck. The bottom of the dress is sort of like a jumper, where it's like poofy shorts, connected to the top. There's a blue ribbon that matches her eyes that goes around her waist (No bow) The dress is white, trimmed in black.
she also has a silver bangle on her left and right forearm.
Ear's & tail: Her ears and tail are white with black tiger stripping (derp) Her ears are just like Zakuro's, style wise and she has a graceful tail that is curled with anticipitation in battle.
Hair: She has black hair that goes down to around her bellybutton and is a tad layered, she has regular bangs that curve like mew Ichigo.
Eyes: Her eyes are blue, a bright medium-ish blue that is the same color as the blue in her accesories/outfit
OTHER: Her weapon is a spear. the body of it is Black, and at the top is a white tiger paw. Kind of like how Mew Berry's staff has the bunnies. There are saphires around the top of the spear, below the paw. When she is pictured smiling, she has little pointy pearly fangs. Her favorite foods without a doubt are pies and icecream, but ironiclly HATES peaches with a burning passion. She is Japanese, but was adopted by British parents. Her and her family were on vacation in London when Ichigo found her there. Her parents know japanese but to well, Cream corrects their mistakes. Ccream can also speak english. Her Mew Mew mark is above her right knee.
APPEARANCE BEFORE TRANSFORMATION Has hair the same length after transfer mation, but has medium brown hair with brown eyes with a slight gold tint to it. Her daily wear is pretty casual, Shorts and tanks with some sandals in the blazing Japan heat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Meet the twins, Elena and Cressida!

Name: Elena kNight (Yes, it's spelled that way, you'll learn later on why in the descrip.)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality:Competitive,not much of a talker but is known for her smiles, Cool and laidback but is always watching over her younger twin, Cressida especially in battle and Magic Training (Cresssida is a mess when it comes to potions) She is also jealous when it comes to the topic of her sisters chest. Elena is flat chested. Elena is almost a mix between K-ON!'s Mio, and Yui from Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka.
Background: Elena and Cressida's parents were the rulers of the Kingdom until the dark days came. The neighboring Kingdoms were always waging wars with the Kingdom. One day when the twins were 5 years old the other kingdoms had enough and ambushed the Kingdom, Killing the Queen and King. Before her death, their mother rushed them over to a family friend who was also blessed by a God like the Twins. The Royal familys friend was the teacher of the new armies soldiers, but since he was blessed by the God of Earth, he can also perform magic which can only be done by the blessed. Their "adopted" father taught them everything, from potions to different sword types. Growing up, they were trained in the battling arts and become the best of the best of his students. Elena and Cressida were very special that allowed them to be so good at this, they were blessed by the Sun and Moon Gods. The Gods knew about the dark days, so they sent the twins to the royal family to vanquish the other armies and to make peace with them to rebuild the Kingdom when they became older. Being blessed by the gods gave them special symbols; A Sun birthmark on the inside of Cressida right wrist, and a Star on the inside of Elenas left wrist. If you haven't caught on yet, Elena's name is spelt "nKight" Because she's a Knight of the night. Haha.
Weapon: Her Battle item is a sword. It has a wide, heavy pure-silver blade and at the top of it under the tip is a deep purple star. When she deafeats an enemy with this sword that star mark will be left on the victims cheek (But I prefer not to have any arts with something gorey like that D: ), and the hilt is a deep Blue-Purple with a swirly handle grip. She does have a black stick wand, but prefers not to use it because she can still preform magic without it.
Other: The twins are opposites, in appearance and personality but they are like any other female siblings, who have spats over petty things.
Pet: Elena's pet is a female black cat who has grey eyes and her name is Luna. She also has a silver bell around her neck. Luna and Cressida's pet don't get along very well, they're always fighting with one another and don't agree on anything. Luna can talk and she has a very sassy, catty 'tude. She also never shuts up complaining about -cressida's pet- whether she's there or not. Luna has a Elena's star mark on her left side, like the Little Ponies xD

Cressida Pyrena
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Background: (See Elena) Cressida is blessed by the God of the Sun. Even though Elena is stronger than Cressida, but Cressida has amazing agility and plans out their battle strategies, even though she can be a bit ditzy at times.... She will sometimes skip Magic training, especially when it came to the topic of potions. During her skipped class' she likes to go down to the hidden creek in the woods behind her mentors home and practice her archery skills with -cressida's pet-
Weapon: Cressida's weapon is a sparkling white bow with a golden string. She only has one arrow, however, but it is enchanted to duplicate itself everytime it's used by her and her alone. The real arrow makes a "fake" arrow that is shot to the victims, and when the real arrow and bow is tried to be destroyed it is invinsible. The one arrow makes it handy and easy for Cressida for not having to carry a quiver arround. The arrow tip is jagged and made of pure gold, the body is just made out of regular wood but what gives the arrow it's special qualities is that the feathers on the end are from -cressida's pet- She also has a black plain wand like Elena but also doesn't use it
Personality: Cressida is a Tsundere. Yup, I said it. Tsunderes and being a witch/warrior isn't the best combo out there, and she lets it get to her head. She threatens people alot, is a good interrogater, has short patience, but can also have blonde moments at times. She doesn't think before she thinks, puts down people has a temper ect ect. But there can be times when she shows her softer more caring side depending on the situation. She also has pride in her large chest when it bothers her twin.

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