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The Truth About Girls:
-We bleed non-stop for a week every month and we don't die so don't mess with us.
-We should never be used as objects.
-We need girl's nights...often.
-It takes at least an hour to look this good smile
-We love to gossip.
-We MUST go to the bathroom in groups.
-"Fine" never means anything good.
-We will never be to old for sleepovers.
-We are not ashamed to cry.
-We love Ben&Jerry's more than you.
-We LOVE to sing in the shower=)
-We are never to old to play dress-up.
-We wish boys still had cooties.
-We get moody. Learn to accept, understand, and deal with that fact.
-Midol is like crack. End of story.
-We love cuddling in his hoodies.
-We love the little things smile
-We are not too proud to ask for directions.
-"Luv ya" is not the same as "I love you"
-We never really get over the guys that we loved.
-We forgive, but we don't forget.
-Pinky promises are NEVER to be broken.
-We're always right even if we're wrong.
-If you can make us laugh, you can make us do anything.
-We love our best friends more than our boyfriends.
-"Sometimes" is just never quite enough.
-We gossip as much as guys do. So stop acting like we're the bad ones.
-If shoes are on sale, we'll buy them.
-Random things can make us cry.
-If you take our chocolate, we will get ugly.
-Our 3 favorite words: "LETS GO SHOPPING!"
-We love to lay in the sun all day.
-We eat A LOT for our size.
-Our clothes may make us look like we're cute, but sometimes they are so uncomfortable.
-We aren't all blonde bimbos so stop treating us all like we are.
-We travel in packs.
-We don't really care if you want to or not.
-We all want to be famous.
-Flirting is a talent.
-Our mood swings are more dangerous than an angry bear.
-We always hate our handwriting.
-We adore compliments, but that doesn't mean we fish for them.
-It doesn't matter who dumped who or why; whenever we see our ex with another girl, it bothers us.
-We can't get enough of The Notebook.
-We all want a guy to love us as much as Edward loves Bella.
-We love to smell pretty.
-Sometimes we put on lipgloss just to lick it off. It tastes yummy.

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