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Insmonia Drabbles
Old s**t?
Many people, well, forget about me because of my constant cosplay changing. I don't even remember the first cosplay avatar I've had on here. . Well, I am sorry. Many characters interest me. And, I do not like having a load of mules.

. . .

But, anyways, I'll be listing my ex-cosplays here. And, some of my OCs. Maybe you'll remember me from a different name.

iShinobi Koako; This account was for my OC, but I did cosplay on here, once or twice.
iPewpew; My Original Character. Or maybe, just a fun account.
ZZack FFair/Protect Your Honor; was one cosplay I really do miss. .
LLeon KKennedy; Or some kind of username like that. Hah, My ol' RE4 account. I miss him dearly.
Open Up Your Senses; Hah, my Neku account. D; I loved him.
iUndertaker of Kuro; was a cosplay I had for a short amount of time. Derp.
Darkness Devil - Dante; Ah the memories on that account I will always remember. That may as well be my cosplay I've spent the most time on. And maybe my best/favorite.
Lt Renji Abarai/ R e n j i A b a r a I/ A Red Pineapple; <333 I love the memories I had while cosplaying him.
Too Cruel; was my Roy Mustang cosplay~ I had for uh, maybe a month or two?
Too Brilliant; Hm~ My Light Yagami. He was also one of my favorite cosplays.
Fueled by Hatred/Prodigy of the Uchiha; Sasuke cosplay. I used to be so in character with him. But, well, I think bonds break, eh?
Valiant Vaan/ Naïve Boy; Ah hah, this one was okay, had it for a little while.
Overseer Tidus; People loved this one, I guess I did too. One of my favorite and best cosplays.

. . . Eh I might as well forgotten some usernames. Too many to remember.
But, I've also cosplayed:
Nero from Devil May Cry 4
Trunks from DragonBall Z
Sparda from Devil May Cry
Matt Ishida from Digimon
Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5
Roxas from Kingdom Hearts

Well, that's it for now. I may remember some in the future. And, if you did remember one of these names, well I'm glad. Because I've changed a lot.

. . .

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