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Writings of My Mind
I just think way too much. ** RP characters and background stories are sometimes stored here.
Main Characters Used
All images are links to the ACTUAL image.

User ImageName: Peter 'Fear' Morozov
Age: Ancient... But physically around 19
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire (?)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Quite, Gentlemanly, Possessive, and slightly Childish
Mental State: Yangire or someone who is mentally ill and snaps instantly without showing affection for the victim of their outbursts.
Abilities: Puppetry/Puppet Master, Elemental Control, Minor to Major Magic, Power Sensing, and Form Shifting
Other: Can speak multiple languages. Also the whites of his eyes go black and the irises become silver when he uses his Puppetry power. When his insanity shows through of the 'beast' is awake his irises become bloody red and the whites become black like when he uses his one power.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Twin Revolvers
Bio: In the beginning, Peter was just a simple farmer in a village on the boarder of China and Russia. A wealthy man took interest in him and basically stole him away from his family. He lived as a servant for a while before the man changed him into a vampire. Peter lived there a bit longer before he realized he was in love with his creator. When he learned the other didn't feel the same, he killed him. Even though he did that, his master's familiar became tied to him. After that he ran away.

Since then Peter has traveled the world, learning many different secrets and mastering his powers. He traveled with a small group of pure-bloods for a while before finally snapping and wiping them out. The only survivor was a human that had been turned but that doesn't mean that he escaped completely unharmed, carved into the vampire's back is the word 'Mine' over and over again. Peter regrets doing it but sadly back then he was wild. Now he has stopped drinking blood in hopes of taming the beast within himself and has found another way to survive without having to hurt others. One that was completely accidental and made him an enemy of certain demons.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Ivan 'Snow' Snegopady
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Race: Elemental Fairy/Demon Half-breed
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Open, Cheerful, Calm
Mental State: What would be considered Normal.
Abilities: Elemental Control, Shape-Shifting, Mental Projection, Accelerated Healing, and Telekinesis
Other: Snow doesn't speak much English but when he has to his words are mixed up, letters are dropped, and he sometimes forgets words all together.
Weapon(s) of Choice: A wide range of knives from Throwing Knives to Butcher Knives
Bio: His family was once powerful and respected but his father gambled it all away on a single bet. His father and mother were killed and their home raided. He lost everything except younger his brother who was later adopted by an older woman who's husband died before they had children. However he made sure it was only his bother who was adopted and not himself along with his younger sibling. He knew that his brother would be safer if they were separated, he hasn't seen him since that day.

Snow learned the streets and eventually wound up in the last place he wanted to be, a fighter. Because of that he became littered with scars of all different types. However he'd made a decent living doing it and has become a small blip on the map of the underground.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Coloris 'Doll' Kukla
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Race: Living Doll
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Mysterious, Gentle, Adaptable
Mental State: Slightly crazy.
Abilities: Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Strength, Mediumship, Animation
Other: Doll may technically not be living but she does have a human heart and gives off warmth because she has the soul of a demon.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Monomolecular Wire
Bio: Before she died she was a powerful demon who was killed when she ran into an angel on earth. Scientist some amount of years later were researching how to bind a soul to a doll that they made to contain it. However they weren't expecting to get a demon soul and they ran test after test, looking at how this was possible. After a while though, her study was dumped and she became a servant for one of the scientists that brought her back. Not long later he was killed by another of the people who worked on her project. After that Doll just wandered through time, never aging a single bit.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Chernyĭ Belyĭ 'Scar' Casket
Age: Permanently frozen at 18
Gender: Male
Race: Banshee/Elemental and Saraph/Fallen 'Mutt'
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Cold, Lonely, and Confused
Mental State: Off or Twisted
Abilities: Sonic Scream, Shape-shifting, Possession, Elemental Control, and Minor to Advanced Magic
Other: His eyes change color with the element he's using. Also his tattoos are all seals to keep him in check when he gets angry because he tends to lose himself within his head and the pain that keeps haunting him.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Needles that are hidden in his sleeves.
Bio: Chernyĭ's parents were each half breeds and their DNA didn't bind together so he became twenty-five percent of each. Because of that his parents were afraid of him becoming a target of the other half-breeds they lived around and gave him over to humans to raise. He has a scar that runs just below his eyes and because of that he hides it behind his bangs.

His past of frequent attempts to find his parents that ended up Chern's body is littered with scars and laid up in bed for weeks. Or there was the other two options as to why. One : they were either from fighting. Or two : from when he lost his mind for a good amount of time. Scar's first name means 'Black' and his middle name means 'White' which does refer to his bloodline.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Ellis 'Silver' Infect
Age: Physically 19
Gender: Female
Race: Enchanted Elf
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Secretive, Not very trusting, Quiet
Mental State: Confused
Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Magic, Kinetic Absorption, Sonic Scream, Superhuman Endurance
Other: Although she stands at five foot five inches and looks like she's made of porcelain means nothing. Every hit she takes makes her stronger.
Weapon(s) of Choice: 'Fantasy' and her rapier 'Reality'
Bio: When Ellis was young she was sick and her village took her away and left her in the woods so the rest of them wouldn't become ill as well. She lived on her own for a while but her body was failing her fast despite her great strength. Ellis was found but a slave trader and healed before being sold off to a king.

While she was there Ellis constantly watched the knights instead of cleaning or cooking. When she went back to her room she would practice what they did to herself. One night she was caught by the night guard, thinking that someone had broken in, but when they found her they laughed at her for it. The guards made fun of her and the knights were annoyed that she would dare to try and be like them because she was a woman. However a senior knight took interest in the young Ellis and trained her even though he was told not to. He learned about her strength and taught her how to use it effectively.

It wasn't long though before he was labeled a traitor and hanged with her watching. However a week before he was accused he had transferred his power to her, which left her with old Latin inscribed on her back in scars. After everything happened the other knights looked at her like she was the next one to be executed. Because of that she became easily irritated with everyone and when she was finally challenged, she killed another trainee. Once she realized what she had done, she left and traveled through time doing odd jobs and mercenary work.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Faolan 'Ire' Cailein
Age: Appears 18
Gender: Male
Race: Banshee
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Very Polite for the most part and open to speaking about anything and everything. Faolan never really hates anyone and is relatively cheerful all the time but he can be angered if a certain condition is met. At the sight of his own blood he tends to go a little crazy and he becomes extremely violent, however most of it is just survival instincts kicking in. But behind all of that is another personality that he doesn't like to talk about but calls 'Dae'. 'Dae' is dark and calculating, it comes up with every possible solution before the first move is ever made.
Mental State: For the most part stable unless his 'other half' is woken up from it's slumber.
Ablities: Sonic Scream, Sublimation, Healing Factor, Magic/Spell Use, Telekinetic
Other: He has a bad habit of getting caught up in arguments because he's neutral and never really wants any harm to come to people. He also has a weakness for sweets, energy drinks, and comics.
Weapons: Faolan likes sharp objects so he tends to carry a variety of knives and needles.
Bio: Faolan comes from no where but yet everywhere. Unlike many other creatures he wasn't born, he was created from a surplus of energy from a necromancy spell. He was designed to be a messenger of death however somewhere along the line he became bright-eyed, light-haired, and cheerful toward everyone. But unfortunately he was tainted by some of the dark magic used to create him in the first place. That tainted spot is called 'Dae' and has become his other personality. Even though he carried that burden he's fit himself into society for nearly four hundred years now with few people realize what he was. Faolan like to think of himself as a human unless challenged by another, then all he wants to do is talk the other out of it and will agree to anything they say unless he's being convicted of murder or anything along the lines of that.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Ales Mattelle
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Fifty percent Human, Twenty-five percent Fae, and Twenty-five percent Seraphim
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Kind, Caring, Open to everything, and Cheerful
Mental State: Pretty Normal
Abilities: Superhuman Strength, The ability to see Life force, Healing, Telekinesis, and the ability Numb
Other: Ales is blind but not completely, he can see the life force of those round him and get a general idea of what is going on and where he is. However, he can't see his own.
Weapon(s) of Choice: N/A
Bio: Ales was born in a set of two. His sister's name was Alice and they were born to a loving mother and father. His father was a halfbreed and his mother was a mortal. Until he reached the age of five everything had been fine, everyone had gotten along but the his sister became ill. His mother lost her mind and his father couldn't take it, it ended in a nasty divorce. Him and his sister were forced to stay with their mother, who unfortunately thought up a twisted way to save Alice. She changed her own daughter into a chimera, but it wasn't successful. Alice had become just an animal and nothing more. That was the first and only time he lost control of himself, he killed her for what she had done and ran away with his sister who had become a panther instead of the girl who constantly took care of him. They were only ten and yet now they were completely changed forever.

Ales did whatever it took to keep his sister safe, even in this form. He even did jobs that he'd rather not talk about with anyone. He's been bought and sold. Branded and beaten. But even though all of that, he's remained strong and cheerful. Now a days he spends his days as a wandering healer, doing all that he can to care for others so they don't wind up dead. He hates when people die, when they do he cries for what feels like days. His black, iridescent tears forming small stones as they drip off of his face.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageName: Arthur James Jones
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Bear Shifter
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Cold, Distant, Neutral, Calm, and Quiet. However when the situation presents itself he can be quite mean and childish to those around him, whether he realizes it or not.
Mental State: Pretty normal, but he's missing a few screws.
Abilities: Maintain Human Form, normally he has two little bear ears on the top of his head if he doesn't continually use this power. Transform into a Bear, Increased Strength, and Control Water.
Other: He's a talented musician and singer. He plays the piano and the guitar mostly but he can also play bass and the violin. His irises are strange though, the outer ring in sapphire while the inner is a light, almost white, silver. He wears colored contacts to hide this.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Hand guns. Doesn't matter what kind, he likes them all.
Bio: A long time before Arthur was was even born his family had accidentally dug up the grave of a powerful spirit. They didn't know what they had found but the grave contained great wealth so they took it for themselves. The spirit became angry with them and from that time on his family became part beast because of a curse set upon them. The people around them began to shy away from the Jones family, before keeping away from them entirely. That led to someone hiring a hunter to remove his family from the area. He was found after the attack on his family's home when he was around the age of eight.

He was taken in by a clan of vampires and raised like they were but he really didn't want anything to do with them, they smelled like death to him and that was something he'd come to hate. There leader was some freak with pink hair who was far to happy to have him around. He kind of treated Arthur like a pet more then anything else. So he tried to run away but the man just kept bringing him back. After a while she started to hang out with the were-creatures and slowly he became distant from the clan that raised him. He even forgot the basics of vampires and traded that knowledge for the ability to be musical.

After a while the pink haired vampire let him go off on his own, now sick of his behavior. Arthur was glad the day had finally come and enjoys being free.

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