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Diandra Moon's Moonlight Thoughts I like to write, anything I write here could be anything, so you never know what's gonna happen. :P

Diandra Moon
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A Rant

Has anyone heard of a law that is up for vote that if you receive Federal money in any way, you aren't allowed to vote for president? For instance, if you are in the military- not allowed to vote for president. If you get benefits from being in the military- not allowed to vote for president. If you work for the federal government in any capacity- not allowed to vote for president. If you receive SSI or SSID or anything of that nature- not allowed to vote for president. If you received Federal money for school- not allowed to vote for president. Ect, ect, ect.

I don't know about you all, but that just pisses me off. A friend of mine is a Vet, receiving money because of health issues and was telling me that he might not be allowed to vote in the next election. I asked why and he told me about that bill being up for vote. They are using the argument that you won't be voting for the good of the country, but who will give you a better check...

If that is the arguement they are going to use, what's to stop them from enacting it in other areas of our rights to vote? Hey, you get foodstamps so you can't vote because you'll only vote for someone who will let you keep your foodstamps! Hey, you have kids that go to public school, so you can't vote because you're going to vote for who is going to give your kids better programs at school! Hey, you have privatized insurance, so you can't vote because you'll be voting for laws to lower your premiums!
Seriously, where would they draw the line after that?

I've been looking for information about this law, and I'm going to talk to my friend about the organization who alerted him to it so I can post more info, but if you know anything about this, I'd speak up and tell those we appointed to vote on our behalves exactly what we think need done about that law.

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