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So like...
The air was still, and quiet on moor, overshadowing a dark lonely castle. Eyes gleamed in the distance, sitting quietly on a tall white stead. Stroking his mexi stash and adjusting his black mask to hide his identity he thought of the lonely distraught Princess who lay in the castle, wanting to rescue her from her reining corrupted parents. As the sun went down to the west, he took out his long thin sharp blade, and rode off towards the eerie castle that loomed overhead, ready to make his appearance.
As he got to the entrance, he jumped off his horse, and swam across the mote dodging man-eating alligators, "Not today!" He spat, determination burning in his eyes as he looked at the top of the castle, where a room lay.. a small dim light flickering, a sillahoutte of a girl looking out the window... Dark pools of gray covering her once lively brown eyes. She was oblivious to her rescuer and withdrew from the window's edge, and made her way to her bed where she lay.. Where she would dream.

As the Mexican Knight stormed into the castle, guards advanced on him, but they were no match for his blade of awesomeness as one by one their throats were slit, their bellys were slashed, and their armor was penetrated by the epicness of this knight's fury. A pile of blood lay around him soon enough, as he heard one of the guards call out "Release the Monster!.."
Soon enough, a booming roar came down the hallway, where a huge dragon with john cena hair lumbered towards him, a look of hunger in his eyes. It spoke, but only sneering, "You are a dead man... You troll." The Dragon tried crushing him with his front leg, but the knight quickly rolled out of the way dodging him, and grabbing his blade that was still in the neck of the previous horde of guards he slaughtered. "Who might you be?.." He glared at the Dragon.
The Dragon licked his lips and scoffed "I am da great Trajan, and I have a better mic than you!!!"
At this point the knight was very much confused, but with that a smirt formed on his face and Dragon picked up on it "What's that? Got something cocky to say masked zorro poser?..."
"Your mic sucks a** actually.."
The dragons eyes widen with rage and fire spat towards the knight as he charged...

It was over in just mere seconds as the knight flew epically in the air, and stabbed his blade through the Dragon head, piercing his brains, blood squirted from the wound and drained through the hallways.
Guards saw what had been done and completely ran out of there, no one daring to challenge the bizarre dangerous mexi-knight.

The castle grew cold and quiet as the King surrendered and made his hasty escape. The knight let him go, and made his way up the corridor, and then up the stairs that lead to the highest room in the castle... When he got there, the door was ajar, and he peeked in.. there laying on the bed was indeed the princess, sleeping soundly. He did not want to wake her, so he waited... Even though he had the urge to kiss her soft lips to arouse her from her slumber.. but he controlled himself and waited..
Soon enough her eyes blinked open as she eyed the mysterious and strange individual standing in her room... "How did you get here?.. Am I dreaming?.." She muttered, rubbing one of her eyes trying to fully wake up... She sat up getting a good look at the masked character, noting his scruff and stash were really really sexy...
He approached her carefully, not to startle her, and ran his fingers delicately on her soft cheek, and she he did so, she brought her hands up to press against his.
"I am Sir Nao M'lady, here to rescue you..."
And small smile appeared on her face, as if it were a dream come true, "About damn time.." she snorted, "Take off the mask..."
"Are you sure?.."
She brought her finger tips gently undo his mask covering his eyes, and pulled it off... to see a very handsome chico in front of her.. "You are beautiful.." she muttered, tracing his jawline with her fingers, and his nose.. and especially his lips... her fingers also ran against his stash, as her face got closer to his, as if something was pulling her to him... Soon she felt his hot breath caressing her face, as she blushed... "May I kiss you, my hero?..."
He nodded slowly, as she pressed her lips gently against his, then withdrew alittle, and then kissed him again, must more deeply..
He pushed her back on the bed, and started to undress her, "Lets get down to business.." He growled sexily against her flesh, she moaned softly as he did so,
but as he fully undressed her he discovered she was wearing a chastity belt.

The end. biggrin

Sir sex
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Sir sex
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  • [09/20/11 11:21pm]
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