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A lot of these entries are going to be about RP ideas, so if you're not interested in that, I suggest you don't read this journal. Most of the entries are private, anyhow.

Full Name: Victoria McWallace
Nicknames: Tori, but prefers Victoria
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Birth Date: April 10
Death Date (If character has died): Depends on RP
Birthplace: a small ancient village
Current Residence: Somewhere in Central Asia
Race (If human then state nationality): Mongolian


Height: 5'7 feet
Weight: 110 lb
Body Type: Tube
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin: Olive Oyl
Distinguishing Characteristics/Markings: a keyhole mark on her left hand
Physical Flaws/Birthmarks/Scars: .....
Usual Attire: Light blue flowed blouse, pink and purple plaid skirt, white stockings, and gray tennis shoes
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Other Accessories: None


Personality Traits: Victoria is rather antisocial and somewhat shy; she is friendly. She is very girly and prefers to do things by herself. Victoria hates people in general and would stay in nature for the rest of her life if she could. She has an innocent personality and will not get herself involved in anything daring. Victoria isn't very brave and chickens out at everything that moves, but is willing to try hard. Somewhat insecure.
What annoys him/her? Victoria can't stand laundry or clothes; hell, the only reason she's not walking around naked is because it's against the law. She dislikes lazy people and daydreamers. Victoria hates candy or anything sweet. She hates dark colours and reading. Victoria dislikes short hair and prefers to keep her hair long.
What makes him/her happy? Victoria loves being surrounded by nature, especially butterflies. She loves gardening and cleaning, fails horribly at cooking but she enjoys it anyway. Victoria likes birds and often walks barefoot in the forest, singing to nature. She also loves drawing and painting. Victoria likes sour foods and light colours.
What does him/her think is disgusting? Insects (other than butterflies), dirty things, chocolates, blood, biting nails, too fat/skinny people
Greatest Fears/Phobias: Most spiders, worms, lightning, fire, tight spaces
Patience Level: Rather high.
Self-esteem: Somewhat low.
Does him/her fit into a certain clique (goths, jocks, preps, etc.)? Does "loner" count?
Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, singing, gardening, cleaning, cooking, reading, sewing, designing.

Color- Pink
Food- Lemon squares
Place- Paris
Animal- Bunnies
Clothing- Dresses
School Subject- Art
Music (genre)- Classical
Books (genre)- Classical
Movies (genre)- Romantic Comedy
Season- Spring
Time of Day- Morning
Holiday- New Years

Least Favorites:
Color- Black
Food- Chocolate
Place- Home
Animal- monkey
Clothing- pants
School Subject- History
Music (genre)- Punk
Books (genre)- Science fiction
Movies (genre)- Horror
Season- Winter
Time of Day- Night
Holiday- None


A brief description of your character’s history: A wealthy couple was taking a stroll in a forest, where they heard a baby's cry. They followed it to an old shack, where a baby girl lay in a basket, crying her eyes out. The couple adopted the baby, and called her Victoria. The couple was always worrying over Victoria's safety, so they forbid her to go to school. She had a longing to see the outside world, so she sneaked away at night, taking a moonlight stroll in the same forest she was found in. As she entered the same shack her parents found her in, a memory whooshed over her. A memory in which a frantic woman carried a baby bundle away from a vast fire burning the entire forest. She hid the baby in an enchanted shack where time would freeze. Victoria had stayed in the shack as a baby for thousands of years, without even realizing it. Her eyes welled with tears and decided to run away from home. She was determined to find her real parents; she doesn't know she time traveled.
Long-term Goals: To find her real parents
Short-term Goals: Become famous
What does he/she think of him/herself? Helpless, a burden
If he/she could have one wish, what would it be? I want to find my real parents.
What other wishes does he/she have? I want to be come rich and famous, and I wish I could be more courageous and smart.
How did your character die if they did? malnutrition or hypothermia
Belongings: a quiet apartment, nice furniture a pet rabbit
Prized Possession: her pet
Religion/Beliefs: Logical and doubts religion
Political Preference: Doesn't care
Darkest Secret: None
Guilty Pleasures: None
Does he/she keep a diary or journal? No


Family Living With: None
Family Situation: Parents dead. Only child.
Former Friends: None
Current Friends: None
Former Love Interest: None
Current Love Interest: None
Former Enemies: None
Current Enemies: None
Losses: Her rich parents' home.
What does he/she think of people? She hates them and prefers to be by herself
What do people think of her/him? IDK
What do his/her friends like about him/her? She doesn't have any.
What do his/her friends dislike about him/her? .....
Why do his/her enemies hate him/her? She doesn't have any....
Popularity among Peers: God, this is repetitive
Occupation: None
Affiliations (rank if there is one): None
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Virgin? ....
Hate anyone? People in general
Killed anyone? None
Would you and your character get along? I... guess....
Would you like to hang out with your character? I don't care, really
Would your character like you? Sure, why not.


Achievements: None
Failures: None
Education: Home schooled
Abilities/Powers: None
Skills: Drawing, singing, writing, gardening, cleaning, reading
How strong is he/she? Not too strong
How high is his/her IQ? 110
What would his/her average grades in school be (even if they don’t attend)? B average


Diet: doesn't really eat much
Exercise: she walks constantly.
Bad Habits: talking to walls.
Physical Health Problems: Asthma
Mental Health Problems: None
Hygiene: Somewhat unclean, but tries her best.

Situations (What would he/she do or how would he/she react?)

Your character is called up for an award and is congratulated.
Victoria heard her name called from the stage, and she blushed as she stood up. She quickly stepped up to the stage and accepted her reward.

Your character didn’t win any awards and watches as someone else is congratulated.
Victoria sat quietly at her seat, and watched a tall cat dude step up to the stage and accept his reward. She glared silently at the man, but remained in her seat.

Your character is winning at a game of some kind.
Victoria looked down at the orange ball in her hands, and tossed it to a nearby hoop, and made it in. The crowd cheered in a frenzy. She blushed, and hurriedly returned to the bench.

Your character lost at a game of some kind.
The other team made the score, and they ended up winning the game. Victoria clenched her fists, and returned to the bench, obviously irritated.

Your character has a crush on someone and must find out how to tell them.

Your character tells that person and they agree to go out with them.

Your character tells that person and gets rejected.

Your character is asked out by someone they like.

Your character is asked out by someone they don’t like that way.

Your character’s crush is revealed by someone else.

Your character must work on a project with a person they don’t like.
Victoria sat next to a tall guy in a suit, with cat ears and a tail. She glared at him silently out the corner of her eye, and it looked like he was glaring back as well. Oh well, they would both get Fs.

Your character loses a family member or a close friend.

Your character loses a pet.

Your character loses a very important personal belonging.

Your character loses something that they were borrowing.

Your character is stolen from.

Your character is offered drugs/alcohol/a cigarette.

Your character is publicly humiliated in front of a lot of people.

Your character is being picked on by some bullies.

Your character is physically attacked by some bullies.

Your character killed someone.

Your character witnessed a murder.

Your character is being argued with.

Your character trips and hurts him/herself.

Your character is given a gift they’ve always wanted.

Your character is given a gift they couldn’t care less about.

Your character arrives home after a bad day.

Your character arrives home after a good day.

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