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Dream Log
A dream log is when you go to sleep, have a dream, then wake up and try to write down as much as you remember about it. These are mine.
I stood in a gunshop with my father looking through a sniper zooming in at trees. I'm a teenage girl. I then aim at some people walking down low on the street. The building is higher than the people. Like a skyscraper. I zoom in to this one guys head. Then turn toward the trees again. The gunshop owner tells me not to shoot it in the shop. I pull the trigger and the glass shatters. Just add that to the bill my father says. All a sudden I hear screams. Me and my father rush to the window on the other side of the shop. There is no glass in this part where we look out onto the street. People are running and screaming in terror. "What the ******** is happening," I say aloud. "I don't know," replies my father. All a sudden people run toward us going up the stairs. (It's kind of hard to describe the shape of the building I'm in.) The stairs are beside the shop we're in. There is concrete railing seperating me from the people...but not by much. Someone could easiely jump over. A man that looked a lot like an old vampire lunged at me and I screamed backing into my father. Sensing something was wrong with these people me in my father crawl to the upper window above the opening we had seen the people running through. It was sort of like a skylight window. Me and my dad sit there for several days I assume because I remember being worried about getting extreme sun burn. We wait till there are no more people in sight. I look over and my father has died. He falls from the building to the ground and the zombies take him. I jump down creeping to the upper floor of the building. There are a bunch of women in a room. I stay with them for awhile but I don't trust them. I soon leave them due to their lack of security and stupidity. They have golden bayonet like weapons that they throw at the zombies on the city ground. When it hits the zombies the golden bayonet explodes killing them. I grab some and move to the next floor. There are survivors that are with me now. They are unsure what to do. The city I am in is covered in a dome like concrete thing. Except it is not a dome. At this point I am assuming I am in the future. The dome is more of in the shape of a cake. Not all of it covers the city. There is a opening for the sun to come in at. The shape of it is hard to describe but when I look up that is when I know I need to try and get to the top. I prop a chair up on the side of the building because I'm now on the highest floor I can get too. I pull myself to the highest part of the building and walk around to inspect it. There is a helicopter landing pad. I also see a ladder for people to climb making it an unsafe place to stay. I pull the survivors up. They aren't exactly my friends but since they aren't stupid I know they can watch my back and in return I would watch theirs.Changing to a different point of view I see two men. One is white and the other is a black bald man. They seem to be good friends and both share the common interest of punching zombies faces in for fun. My group sees them and I help them up. I throw a rope onto the strip shape part of the cake like dome but before I start climbing I see a wave of water hit the buildings. The dome was beginning to feel up with water. I assume this is how the government planned on excuting the zombies. Somehow I grow gills and I see two others in my group wiht gills. I assume this might be a thing of the future and asked if everyone had gills but they didn't. The ones who didn't have gills grabbed on to the backs of the ones that did. A huge wave came towards us and I jumped in. All a sudden I am teleported to someones backyard. I am now a hispanic man in his 30s. A zombie pig tries to attack me and I grab it and throw it over the fence. I walk up to another animal thinking it is a pig but it's not. It is a huge dog that has yellow flabs of fat. It is also a zombie and tries and attacks me. I run but then throw it over the fence as well. One of my friends slides the glass door open to the house and takes me in saying that I've made it to a safe city. The people there also weren't worried like those girls had been earlier in my dream. They had dragons guarding their city...but I felt I had been there before. I tried to tell my friend we weren't safe but he was to busy sunning himself. I had a feeling that I had been there...I had seen everyone die. The city was very green and had walls around it. There were lots of people sitting in beach chairs were I was at sunning themselves. When I looked down there was swirly ice patterns seperating the grass. I could see something under the ice. That's where my dream ended though.

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