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The Legend of Zelda : COSPLAY CRITIQUES
This is a keepsake of all the cosplays people place with in arenas that I critique along with some entries of my own creations. feel free to let me know what you think. I kind of refuse to enter arenas these days because of down voting and bickering.
(2014) Critique week 14

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FAVORITE OF THE WEEK AND WINNER AND OF gaia_gaiagold 1,000,000

JILL I VALENTINE! the background created is perfect along with that I love when people make real life based cosplays that they use eyes that look like real people and aren't to big and anime-ish. But you made the whole scene wonderful

Only thing id look into would be head items to make the hair seem messy because he isn't all clean kept by this time in the show

1st Place 3/5

Fox Mccloud- definitely a well done avatar although having been entered many times and placing quite a few. the best ones placing are in fact from the same person which is you in 2012. I see you re entered because fox was upgraded with a bit of new design. Although I do find a few things bothering me. I kind of dislike the nose but i see why you chose it over past noses. it matches the color of the tail so that item didn't stick out like a sore thumb. you missed detail on the green shirt under the white jacket. and the feet leave something to be added I would have loved to see some layering with red sandals to get the shoes to look right.The scarf also seems to prominent. Everything else looks right

2nd Place 4/5

Alice-Love the avatar I don't see anything off item usage wise. Except for I preferred the eyes you used last time. They layering was great that you were able to use the lips to cover the mouth from the eyes and mouth combo plus the lipstick matched. I would have loved to see this placed last week with the avatar you entered for I think it is better. The background is wonderfully layered and added to the outfit. 4/5 because i wish the face didn't change.

3rd Place 3/5

Kiki-Cute avatar no doubt and I can see why it placed. The idea with the cat and the bag is undeniably cute and innovative. A definite upgrade on the accessories from the last few kiki's delivery services and love the face but a better blush could have been added and better shoes that aren't so cutesy. The dress bothers me a lot mainly because I know you can make the dress the right color and I would have loved to see the scene portrayed as well. Heck id be able to look over the dress if a nice scene was added but since there is none and the dress is most of the avatar I have to be pretty disappointed.

4th Place 5/5
walking dead- One of the best of the week by far. Its an original and well done cosplay. states its small flaw in my favorite description but not enough to bug me on a great avatar. good job this week !

5th Place 4/5
Nudist-Great avatar with a well deserved placement this week. Although looking through comments and thinking about it. I agree with people that Oisin's would really have looked great on it because I was debating over what color the eyes could have been for the avatar myself. There isn't much layering to be done here which does make it simple but can't put that against you when there isn't much to layer. and where there was layering you had good ideas like the hat. something to think about is that eyes can make or break if a character feels like the character same with people in real life

6th Place 4/5
Syndra-This avatar is beautiful and original. Thus why no background doesn't bother me. It just does leave room for a better one to possibly be made. But the layering and item usage here is wonderful and I can't look away from the avatar! its just so dark and awesome. Only one fault and its what I have mentioned in a few of the crits here and its eyes. i see you were trying to put together the eyes and they do look good but I think the item shadow fencer would have been better with the eyes and add some dark energy around it. and whamo this would have been my favorite of the week!

7th place 5/5
johan-An original and good cosplay of the overdone series YUGIOH! I remember talking to you about the hair and there was no really other choice..but god I hope there will be soon. plus the hair doenst bother me that much. Everything else looks great I love how you made the chest look and the choice of background exceeded my expectations. Im feeling repetitive with this eye thing but I think the black queen would have been best for this scene and these eye in them because of the pupils. so 5/5 on avatar but 4/5 matching the scene

8th place 4/5
Lady Stark-Just started watching game of thrones and I'm on season 1 episode 2 and along with the comment on your avatar about making something mature like jesus you need to be for this show. also along with the comment more repetition the eyes don't really fit a human un anime character I would have gone with something that shows off blue eyes and is smaller. the rest of the cosplay however I do not have a problem with! it looks great its just fought to make real people into cosplays on here and you tried hard and accomplished a lot. I'm just picky about eyes.

9th place 2/5
Neptune-I am going to be honest here I don't know why this placed. I am scouring through google looking at references and looking at past entries. I see much to be enhanced on with the chest, eyes, skirt and legs. I don't understand the star and petals. unless you are going off of a reference that you didn't show us which doesn't help. her eyes are also a deep blue not a deep teal which the eyes you had on are teal. glad you placed and are proud of it.

10th Place 5/5
Jellyfish- Good avatar although I am not a fan of the series. It matches the scene perfectly along with the outfit. isn't much layering to critique and not many items were used so have nothing to say about those as well. you were accurate and didn't excessively use items so if give you the above score.

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