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The Puppeteer
The Puppeteer ( Part 2)
Someone, who seems afraid, bangs on the door.
I can hear their heart beat faster by the second.
“Hello? Hello! Please open up! I know you’re here!”
It’s a female.
The sound of her voice reminds me of an old girlfriend who almost died because I couldn’t save her.
I sense another creature accompanying her.
It isn’t human.
It begins to roar like it might be some type of animal, and with every step it takes, the ground quivers.
I feel its quick and heavy footsteps getting louder while she screams.
Might be a giant, or a mutated bear, but I’m unsure.
Whatever it is, it’s big, and it’s going to rip her to shreds in a matter of seconds.
I reluctantly stagger towards the door.
“No!” Largan tries to yell at me over the noise.
Maybe he feels like I can’t hear him, so he begins to gesture, trying to get me to come away from the door, and towards him.
Of course, I refuse to listen and I keep going.
I stop myself when I get to the door, and I lay my ear against it.
There’s a massive impact on the ground that causes both of us to fly back against the wall.
The girl’s screaming begins to cease as we hear the animal tearing away at her flesh.
Suddenly, there’s nothing but silence.
I turn my attention to Largan.
He slowly mouths the words, do not move.
I scoot over hesitantly and lay my ear softly against the door.
I hear an indistinct growl.
The growling becomes more and more distant by the minute.
I indolently begin to stand, stopping whenever I hear something sketchy, but resuming when I identify it.
My heart rate’s reducing back to its normal pace.
Someone knocks on the door.
I stop and start to stare at it.
For a while, neither one of us dare to move.
They knock again.
I glance at Largan and he nods at me.
With my eyes closed, I slowly start to turn the knob.
I finally open the door and look outside.
It’s a teenage boy.
I look him up and down.
He looks like he’s about my age, around 16.
He’s dressed in a leather jacket with no shirt (probably to show off his six-pack) and black skinny jeans that look like they’re cutting off the circulation in his legs.
He slightly tilts his head to the right and combs his fingers through his black hair.
“Are you gonna just stand there or are you gonna let me in?” He says, pulling his hand away from his head and placing it against the side of the house.
I step back to let him in.
I close the door behind him.
He walks right over to the couch where Largan’s standing.
Largan gets closer to him and gets in his face.
It looks funny because the boy is a bit taller than him.
I’m just standing there watching them, fighting the urge to laugh.
Ignoring my silly brother, the boy turns his attention to me.
“Hey, you’re Lorias Anebarthy, correct? I’m Deitan Vex, your escort.” He says.
“I am called Lorai.” I answer.
“There’s no need to talk to me like I’m a fool. I understand you very well.” He sounds a little offended.
Someone knocks on the door.
It’s Emagene.
I recognize her scent.
Deitan lets her in.
She runs into my arms like a cheetah.

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