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Lauren's Journal
Poetry, photography, drawings, and occasionally, some random crap. Read. Comment.
Some Old Poems/Writings
Here are 3 poems/writings I did a while back. (This stuff is really old; Written almost 2 years ago... but I decided to post it anyways.) Sorry if it kinda sucks... lol. I'll probably write some more [better] stuff tonight.


My scars are deep... so deep they cut not only through the skin, but through my heart, and through my soul. My life seems as though it's pure darkness itself. I'm living in the shadows of reality; monsters and demons haunting my every waking moment... My home feels like a prison. Every day I dream of a life beyond these walls, yet still I remain confined to my womb. There is no escape... from the torture... the constant pain... Every day is a nightmare, and I can't wake up... And now I'm falling in this pit... at the bottom lies a perfect life. But it's beyond my reach... I'll remain falling... falling forever in this dark and sorrowful abyss... Forever I'll drown in this pool of hopelessness and despair...


***I actually think there was more to this one, but I couldn't find it all (I know, as if it isn't long enough already...) ...

My life... like cluster of sand,

Each grain... slipping away through the crevices in your hand....

Everything I'd say, and everything I'd do...

My whole entire life; it was based around you

How foolish I was for drowning in your lies

How careless I was for not saying goodbye...

You told me you loved me; told me you cared

And I'll never forget all the good times we shared

But that's over now; for you've broken my heart

You've ripped out my my soul, and you've torn it apart.

I hold back the tears, sip a breath, take a pause...

If only you knew of the pain that you've caused

Mourning; rest my head on the pillow of sorrow

Hoping that I'd wake up; that it'd be a dream tomorrow.

I thought never that I'd waken from the darkness that extends.

Thought this nightmare'd last forever... And never that it'd never end.

You've told me that you're sorry; you beg me to forgive

But sorry doesn't change the past, or what you said or did

You've killed me once; you've killed me twice

But never shall you kill me thrice.

I'll live without you; I'll die without you.

I can breathe without you; I can fly without you.

So no more lies, no more pain

I'm worth so much more, and I've got so much to gain.

So pour your lies into another's cup.

For I have drunk more than enough.


Tears of blood stream down my face

The sword of sorrow pierces my soul.

What once was full of mirth and glee

Now lies broken with nothing but pain.

The Earth now spinning...

An endless circle of isolation and despair.

I'm left alone in the shadows

Invisible to the world.

Please wipe my tears away...

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Stoned Leprecon
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jun 20, 2006 @ 02:27am
ninja What's with the poems of sadness, and stuff? cry ninja

commentCommented on: Thu Jun 22, 2006 @ 03:04am
wow... these poems are sad.. in a way... but they are talking about someone that broke your heart... the only reason why I know this is I wrote poems similar.... some of love... some of hate for the one I loved...You have talent... and I now know what you felt when you wrote these... trust me... you aren't alone in this feeling

Community Member
Uchiha Johen
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jun 23, 2006 @ 06:43am
Wow very nice yet sad hun ill have to show you some of my poems or put them on my journal <3 ^_^;

commentCommented on: Sun May 13, 2007 @ 02:46am
Well I would have to say bravo I have never seen such beautifull poetry. *Starts clapping hands*

Chaos Martini
Community Member
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