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Kein's Journal
OC Character
Name: Kein Haiku
Age: 20
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130lbs
Race: Human/Demon
Hair: Black. It's messy, to his shoulders, with choppy ends. When in his demon form, the ends turn blood red.
Eyes: Sky blue. When in his demon form, they change to blazing red.
Appearance: His skin is cream-ish. He has a stubble. He has no piercings. He wears a black, tight t-shirt, with a cut up end on his left sleeve. His pants are black, with dark gray flames around his left leg, and are a little baggy. He has bandages running down both arms, from his elbows to the middle of his hands. Over the bandages on his right arm, he has a single black, fingerless glove. He has a scar going from the right of his left eye to the middle of his right cheek. When in demon form, his ears grow into points. He sometimes wears black-tinted sunglasses to hide his eyes while in demon form.
Abilities: He has many, but only uses few. His first, the Fiery Flare, is a flame that comes from the tip of his index finger when he moves his arm from left to right swiftly. His second, the Dance of Destruction, causes meteors to fall from the sky when he stomps the ground continuously. His third and last, the Solar Sword, is a fire enchanted sword that is created by him clapping his hands together, then removing them slowly.
History: He was an orphan as a child, and was never cared for by anyone. This made his life hard, so he became cold and ruthless. As he grew older, he found the powers inside himself, which drew him to use them for revenge on the ones who left him on the streets. But once he killed those who threw him away, he could barely control his other half. For this, he is left alone.

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Maybe I should have different demon phases. Like I could make another where he starts growing horns, his eyes turn pitch black with red pupils (ring iris), he gets fangs, and maybe more. Hm, maybe he could also get tattoos that start to show when he gets into his other phases?

Smol Kein
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Smol Kein
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  • [12/12/06 12:54am]
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