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BORDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANDOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In my point of view this is how the story really happened . Ichigo, T3f3r, Jen, and I were just coming from the mall. While we were walking the sky kept on getting darker ." T3f3r, Ichigo, Jen is it just me or is the sky getting darker " said Mickey . " No it is getting darker by the instant " replied T3f3r . I new something was wrong because, I watched the news and they said it wasn't supposed to rain today. Then we heard an evilish laugh . "That's funny it sounds so farmilar. " I thought. " Omg this laugh was from leon" I realized. "Ichigo , T3f3r, Jen, run! But, lets split up so it will be harder for him to catch us " I shouted . We split up , I ran as fast as I can , I felt my heart pounding I even heard it since it was so loud. Leon went after T3f3r first, I think he caught her, since I heard her scream . Then I think he went after Ichigo because, She usually I heard her scream.Then he went after Jen because I didn't see him behind me. "I hope they are alright " I murmured . I didn't want to stop because, if I did he'll get me . Then I collapsed, while I was waking up I found myself in a empty room hanging from a rope of string . Then I heard that evilish laugh again ." So I guess you fell for my trap " Leon said walking slowly out of the darkness. " Ruki will come and kill you for good this time" I shouted. "No he won't, well he will come but he won't hurt me. " Explained Leon. "Why would u say that? Where's Jen, T3f3r and Ichigo? " I shouted . " Oh they will be alright as long as you cooporate with me I'll let you alone to think whether you will cooporate or not ." Leon said with a grin on his face. " I wonder what he wants to know" I thought. "o God Ruki where r u?" I thought. " Good thing I always keep a knife on me" I thought. Then I used the knife to cut the rope. I was free then I ran for it. Although I could'nt run as fast because I was still tired from the last run. I looked for an escape I think I found one. Then I crawled under the wall since there was a small opening in the wall. While I escaped " what, how did she escape I cant believe this " said Leon. " It's just great now I have to find her all over again" said Leon. "Where should I go I have to save Jen, T3f3r, and Ichigo but where would he put them " I thought. I searched, it's been over an hour allready " great I still cant find them. I could'nt run any more so I took a little break". So I finally found you" Leon said with the same grin on his face from earlier. " No how could you find me, your impossible " I said breathless. " Well I just tracked you with that locating device I installed into your mouth" said Leon. "Well now since your stuck here I'll just ask you the questions now since I'm in a hurry. So here I go " said Leon. " Wait how are you supposed to catch me your not even holding me or anything " then I started running. Then he chased after me i gave him a good run though. He then caught me. " I can't believe it your faster than before" I said. " So I'll just ask you three questions and they are which of you does Ruki like?" " How am I supposed to know , I did'nt even know he liked one of us " I said. " Ok then here's the second question what are Ruki's weaknesses?" said Leon " Why would I tell you Ruki's weaknesses" I said annoyed. " Fine then where is Ruki huh !" " Right here" said Ruki with a smirk on his face. TOO BE CONTINUED! ( only if u r interested )

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