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Girl OCs
Partner(s): [work wise]
Hair: [colour/style]
Eyes: [colour]

Name: Estime [Es TEE may]
Age: 86 [looks 16]
Race: Wolf kimonomimi
Sexuality: straight
Partner(s): Vincen
Personality: More on the sarcastic side, she always has to have things her way and tends to act like a brat.
Hair: Always pulled back in a ponytail, it ends at about her mid back. Colour: light brown with one blonde stripe like that of a skunk.
Eyes: Light brown
Other: She is a strong believer in karma.

Name: Kana Luz
Age: 17
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Partner(s): Limecho & Luke
Personality: Having social anxiety, she has a hard time talking to others and is a major pushover.
Hair: Almost never does anything with it, it reaches a little past her shoulders. Colour: black.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.
Other: She makes and uses her own weapons.

Name: Lee [Real name: Leroy]
Age: 92 [looks 20]
Race: Panda kimonomimi
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner(s): Alrik
Personality: A real tight a**, she wants everything done by the rules and if you talk back, she’ll beat the crap out of you.
Hair:About two inches past her ears, she usually wears a hat. Colour: pale pink-purple.
Eyes: Light brown.
Other: She thinks her real name is too “guyish” so she prefers to be called, Lee. She is also Alrik’s girlfriend.

Name: Mishi
Age: 249 [looks 19]
Race: Sheep kimonomimi
Sexuality: Straight
Partner(s): Mist & Minute
Personality: A “bit” of a Pollyanna, she is way too optimistic and only believes in the good in people.
Hair: Usually in two long pigtails that reach her hips. Colour: Bright pink
Eyes: Dark pink
Other: She always talks in third person and is Luke’s girlfriend.

Name: Mist [Real name: Nevoa [Ne VO ah]]
Age: 162 [looks 19]
Race: Fox kimonomimi
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner(s): Mishi & Minute
Personality: Mist is very much a tomboy and curses like a sailor. She “kind of” has some anger management issues and is easily annoyed.
Hair: About three inches past jaw length and always messy. Clean, but just messy. Colour: Medium blue
Eyes: Midnight green
Other: She is skilled in healing and is jealous of Mishi because she (Mist) wants Luke and thinks Mishi is too annoying.

Name: Nene
Age: 236 [looks 16]
Race: Hyena kimonomimi
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner(s): Enno
Personality: Nene is pretty much bat s**t crazy. She mentally cracked years ago and laughs at the most inappropriate times.
Hair: About jaw length and usually messy. Colour: Medium brown with blonde tips.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Other: She is obsessed with syringes.

Name: Ochiro Flor
Age: 316 [looks 18]
Race: Lion kimonomimi
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner(s): Crow
Personality: She has a caring and loving personality, which confuses people as to why she’s part of Culpa.
Hair: About 2 inches past jaw length and slightly spiked in the back. Colour: Light orange.
Eyes: Amber
Other: She tries to act as an older sister for Anormal and she usually calls him “little brother” but they’re not really related.

Name: Odio’
Age: --- [looks 22]
Race: Plague causing demon
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner(s): Atsuko & Hina
Personality: She is very snarky and a bit of a slut. She often doesn’t like to listen and tends to do her own thing.
Hair: A little past her shoulders, rarely does anything with it. Colour: Medium purple
Eyes: Orange [diamond shaped pupils]
Other: Odio’ is actually the demon in Gore’s head [that is usually suppressed by headphones] and is technically a hermaphrodite. She can give people the plague by kissing them.

Name: Bjorn [Bee YURN]Echilemogaa [Eck ELL le MO gay]
Age: 19
Race: Astomi [*are an ancient legendary race of people who had no need to eat or drink anything at all. They survived by smelling apples and flowers. When travelling they used to carry roots, flowers and apples to smell. They could die by smelling an unpleasant smell.]
Sexuality: Straight
Partner(s): Mikah & Taavi
Personality: Bjorn is pretty much the definition of “showboat” and always has to be the center of attention. She is very dramatic and loves acting.
Hair: About shoulder length and always wearing a hat. Colour: Light grey
Eyes: Dark blue
Other: She wears an overly decorated hat that connects to hear head through wires and literally is the only thing that keeps her thinking. If she’s not wearing it, she’s basically brain-dead.


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