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Most things I love but the one thing i love the most is that i love anime shows. any old show is fine but anime is the best. the top four is 1. tokyo mew mew 2. bleach 3. blood plus 4. inuyasha. top five animals is 1. dog 2. tiger 3. lion 4. cheetah 5. snow leopard
The World and Life in the Eyes of a Two Spirit
This is Just the Beginning of Chapter 1: Recognition

The World and Life in the Eyes of a Two Spirit

By: Ti-Lee_Moonlight

Chapter 1: Recognition

In the winter forests was where I was born. I was different from the others my mother would always say, but I never thought that it was the worst kind of different. Cursed, they all told me, my new name was Curse. I was always joyful as a pup. Born with the name Midna, which means dark soul in Quechua. Here, the name Midna was a curse name for we were always following the Quechua ways; in fact we were actually called that now. I learned that from my two evil brothers. If some dear soul was in trouble and I was the only one there to help, the needy called for help and blamed what happened to them on me. After several days of punish and blame my mother even abandoned me.
“My life is now horrible all because of that little ol’ daughter of mine, Curse,” my mother said to every villager. She disowned me when I turned three weeks old, still too young for a pup to be on its own. I couldn’t leave the forest without the “two legs” throwing spears at me; even the two legs knew I was different.
“My life is completely fixed now that little ol’ Curse is out of my village. Soon I’m planning on sending a search party after Curse’s mother for giving birth to that young little pup. Too bad that sorry little Curse isn’t here to see this. She would probably enjoy the killing of my wife,” the mayor, also my father, boasted one day about his power over the pack when I was eavesdropping on his little barking at himself moment. If he was planning on killing my mother I’ll just have to kill him first.
That night while I was sleeping I had the strangest of dreams. It took place in a large two leg city, and I was one of them. Running from the law for I was different. I was smaller, riding a large wolf with a broken shackle on his front right paw, blond and red haired, truly black skin with sky blue lines forming magical inscriptions, shield and sword wielded, with a large magnet shaped head piece, was I truly Midna in my dream anymore? The dream frightened me awake for being chased by “my own kind” on my born kind. My nose twitched with fear for in my cave wall mirror I saw that same two leg from my dream. I touched my face and felt no snout. I looked below me and saw me floating. That dream ruined my plan of killing my father.
They have a name for those who change into a different body. They call them two spirits. Now I knew why my mother named me Midna. I was turned into a twilight being. I tried to call for the bats to come for me and devour at my horrible new body but all I could here was the sound of a new language, the language of the twilight.
Few can understand that language. Those few are the ones that speak the language but I was always told that there is only five in the world. But I guess the story tellers can now change there stories to six people who can speak it and understand it.
How am I going to fight my father as a twilight being. This may be a difficult challenge but maybe if I’m lucky, as if, I could get help. If I was truly a twilight being I would need to find a way into the twilight realm where I could find the help I will be looking for. But if I am going there, how am I going to get there? Maybe there is a twilight being in the black forest down to the south. Maybe there is a shack in the Dark Castle grounds, if there was, would I be aloud in? For all I know, if I was spotted in any of these places, I could be killed. So before I go, I will need major training for escape fights.
On my trip to the elder’s of Darugan swamp, I was so close to being spotted. Every time I thought I was spotted, though, I turned invisible, I couldn’t be spotted. It was quite strange but if I were not able to become invisible then I would have been spotted and killed.
Darugan Swamp, I was always told to never go into the swamps but now here I am. I was always told to never put a paw in the swamp area for the swamp was the most dangerous area in the Quechua territory. At this moment I was starting to get used to my new body.

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