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Azaurmyth's Characters
Mmk, so my characters kind of took this over. So the first couple of entries are going to be Quilzar's journal.
Bjarte Nelson Moen 1
Character Profile

Name: Bjarte Nelson Moen
Age: 27
Sex/Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Species: Hindter

Appearance: Bjarte has curly violet coloured hair kept long. He often keeps this in intricate braids decorated with Nordic style beads. His facial hair is often kept in a trimmed goatee with the long sections also braided and decorated. His hooded eyes are a piercing icy blue colour, often in a stern, stoic expression. He stands a little taller than his species, but around average height for human males at about 170cm. He's scrawny compared to other men in his society, but he still has quite a bit of muscle tone. His tan skin is covered with black Nordic inspired tattoos, telling his story to those that know how to decipher them. He's often dressed in black linens and fur, but that was before he was forced to leave home.

Bio: Bjarte is the only child of Nelje's. She showered him with all the love and affection a boy could want, while being firm and stern when he needed it. Which, being bull-headed, was often. His mother raised him as a single mother with plenty of support from his grandmother and aunts after his father was killed in combat.

Early on, he showed an affinity for the magic of his people, which prompted early lessons for him. He studied hard and decided to learn more combat oriented magic. There were other things he learned, but he excelled at combat.

When he was 16, he participated in his first battle, earning his first battle tattoo when his clan emerged victorious. By the time he was 17, he finished his training and went on to apprentice with the clan's magical leader. His magic and control over it grew, leading him to be a formidable force in combat. When he was 19, he earned his teacher's mark and started teaching the younger children of the clan.

Over his youth, he had a few boyfriends, which disappointed his mother at first. She had hoped for blood-related grandchildren, but after her initial disappointment wore off, she supposed adopted grandchildren would be just as good. Bjarte met Vail, the last man he ever wanted to be with, shortly after he turned 18.

Bjarte and Vail had their troubles, like any couple. They broke up once because the combat practitioner was too mean, bordering on abusive, while recovering from a broken arm sustained in combat. Vail decided he didn't have to deal with that attitude every time Bjarte went to combat. Nelje heard what happened and decided to knock some sense into her son. She rather liked Vail and didn't want Bjarte to lose him. After a few weeks of constant apologising, they got back together and made their life together much more peacefully.

When Bjarte was 24, Vail decided he wanted them to start a family. After much discussion, they agreed it was the next step for them. The only problem was they had no idea how to go about adopting a child. It wasn't until Bjarte was almost 27 when they found a woman who didn't want her pregnancy. They offered to take care of all her needs to bring a healthy child into the world, and she agreed. They moved her into their longhouse and made sure she didn't want for anything.

It was about a month before she was due that Bjarte made a decision that would change everything. He went about his lesson with his four apprentices and decided his charges were advanced enough to not need a protective field around the area. The protective field's purpose was to protect not just the forest and buildings, but to keep any burst of magic too strong to control from getting too powerful. Velke, his eldest apprentice, attempted fire magic too advanced for her abilities.

The burst of fire was so sudden and so powerful, it was everything he could do to protect himself from it. Velke was the first to die that day. His other apprentices weren't quick or powerful enough to protect themselves; they died next. The blast reached the forest and set it ablaze. Bjarte worked hard and fast to contain the fire along with others from the clan. Once all was said and done, another 12 people were injured by the fire.

Bjarte's magic was taken from him, blocked by a magic bracer, and he was placed under house arrest while the council decided his fate. It was decided he would be a slave until he worked off the value of all the damage done to the forest and the people of the clan.

For the families of his apprentices, however, that was not enough. They didn't want him anywhere near them, as they deemed him responsible for their children's deaths. The families of the injured felt much the same way. It was then determined he would be sold outside of the clan, even outside the Hindtervald. He was sold to a woman that took him from his home, causing him to wonder if he'd ever see the tundra of the Hindtervald again.

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