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Chirpysmom: The Journal!
Not sure what you're expecting, but I doubt this is it.

Brief Description

Race: Human
Age: Mid-to-late twenties
Build: Lean musculature
Skin: He is Arabic, so a lovely warm caramel color
Eyes: One is bottle green, the other is brown. The lashes are thick and make him look like he is wearing eyeliner.
Facial Features: Oval face, full lips (mostly the lower one), high cheekbones, and a straight nose
Hair: Long and black. No bangs. Usually kept in a ponytail unless performing (I would like art of him performing or right after the show, for the most part.). Has green and blue streaks in it, but the colors are changeable. Wears beads, feathers, whatever in it. Sometimes has small braids in it. Sometimes wears it loose when not performing.
Personality: Haughty and proud. Feels entitled, since he is somewhat famous. A bit of a man-whore, and has given up on true love. Likes to pretend to be more morose than he actually is. Pessimistic.
Clothing: Black leather pants and a black leather belt with a large silver buckle in the shape of a keyplate.He likes to call it his chastity belt. Wears locks and old-fashioned keys on the belt. Wears engineer boots. Has several tattoos of such things as black roses and birds' skeletons. Can be sleeves, Basically, ask me and I'll tell you if you can put it on him. Has both sides of his lower lip pierced so that he has snakebites. Several ear and cartilage piercings. Nose is pierced, though he does not always wear it. Wears a large jade ring.
Weapon: Carries an actual silver dagger on him.
Background: He is the lead singer/songwriter of a punk/rock band called Bad Pun. He has a small cult following, and has a small record deal. Soon to be a big record deal. Because of this, he is sort of self-absorbed. So much that he sleeps with any skirt below a size seven. He loves to party, and one night, while doing most of the drugs known to rock stars with some chick, he gets roofied and taken hostage by a crazed fan, who "loves" and "understands" him. He will be saved by a little punk roadie with rainbow hair named Char (short for Charming).
Theme Song: N/A

By Seabby
By vXXmangaXXv

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope very much that you will not only take this on, but also enjoy it.

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