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yo tsup
"Earth" you say...
"Miss... Miss Risq?...Miss Risq it's time to get up. You will be late for your first job as the new commander of arms for her majesty's personal guards." Ranka opened her eyes to see the curtains drawn and yet barely any light emeited in the room. ' So it's not even 5:30 am huh?' Ranka thought. "Yes. I am up." "Miss Risq..." the maid said with utmost curosity as she mad the bad while Ranka went slowly walked to the dresser for her uniform set there the day before. "What is it Loralie?" she said not really careing wht would come out of Loralie's mouth. "Itsl just that it;s your first meeting aren't you nervouse, apprehensive? I wish you the best of luck after all however since you are very young i cant help but wor...""Silence" Ranka said cutting her off. "I am not nervous i have attended these meetings, however this one is just her Majesty, and I as the newly commander of her personal guards. There is nothing to worry over." Ranka said bluntly. "Y..Yes Miss Risq, please forgive me and my rudeness." The maid wouldnt stop appologizing until Ranka cut her off again. "Run me through my schedual." Ranka said although she already was aware what she had to do, it was just a way of getting the maid to stop. "Yes of course, I appologize, First off is the meetings of the council in which her majesty called forth, unless there is a change in schedual do to a mission not given in advance you have the rest of the day off until Supper in which you will be spending it with Master Laharl discussing your arranged engagement with him and... his parents." the maid was a little sorry to add his parents because she knew that Ranka's father, a wealthy powerful man that always wanted a son but got Ranka instead wouldn't come. Ranka hasnt seen her father for ten years, since she was four. 'I have most of the day to myself then. Since Key is on a mission right now i wont be interupted.' " Ranka began to dress herself, putting on her plain white shirt that buttoned all the way down, like a mans tuxedo undershirt would, her black jacket with a white line running along the edges fastening itself into a rose on her right shoulder, a black belt and midningt blue plad skirt that matched her midnight blue eyes and hair. Loralie comed her hair until it was the same as she always had, stright with her ears sticking between the part in the back of her head and the hair that framed her face beautifully. There was trully not a single mage in Atheya that could match up to Ranka's beauty, intelligence, and power. However she was in fact a cold person who did not think of others at all. She had no feelings not even to any of her classmates in the Magic Academy, or to her family for that matter even though her family is made up of very didtant cousind, her father and a new stepmother a couple times every year. The only person whom she respected and followed was the Queen of the Elemental Kingdom, whom she server, Queen Atheyan named after their own world Atheya. This very person was the one that Ranka was going to meet, unexpecting what awaited her at the castle Ranka set out for it, skipping breakfast as usual. 'It is busy againt this morning' Ranka thouhght seeing all the stands on the way to the castle again. This time both suns were up and it was roughly a few hours until Lunch. Seing the kids on the hoverboards and adultys selling foods, cloths, and magical items. Going through the marketplace people continued to say the things she heard every day. "Wow look a mage." "Im sure shes got a bright future ahead of her" " Look at how beautiful and refined she is!" " i wonder if she is going to the castle?" Ranka payed no attention to this. She kept procceding to the castle and when she showed the guards he pendant of enternce, a beautiful pendant that only the personal guard wear, that emmits them anywere in all of the kingdoms, a beautiful silver, pendant with a large stone in the center, with a symbol on the stone that identified rank within the guards. They let her in and going onside she saw something unexpected. She saw the Kings and Queens of all three Kindoms, as well as the head of the Queens court. She emidiately bowed. 'What are their majesties doing here?'

To be contined. In chapter 3... A NEW SCHOOL?!?!?!

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