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Update 3/3/22: Yes this entire thing is an absolute tragedy, embarrassing myself over pretentious s**t
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Lucius Armando

del Rosario


22 December 1981

Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Menthol cigarettes and affordable beer
Swimming at night
Drifting around

Preachy health enthusiasts
Tiny yappy dogs
Clingy people
Overly affectionate people (Grandma is an exception)

He's irritable and a little brash. He also has a

Lucas del Rosario (Latin American)

Jesminda del Rosario (Spanish Filipino)

- Alfonso (eldest, 6 years older)
- Anita (youngest, 2 years younger)

Lucius was born in a town at Ilocos Norte, Philippines and spent his childhood to his late teen years ( 17-18 ) there. As a child he'd run around causing mischief and play all sorts of games under the sun with the other village kids, preferably a game of chase or just plain roughhousing. That's what made school fun for him. Along the way, Lucius will notice a certain bias in the community towards the highly sought-after fair skin, which is something that his parents, Alfonso and Anita have. He starts to develop an inferiority complex.

When Anita comes into his life he starts to calm down a little. Lucius tasks himself to protect her from any harm that comes her way, whether it be a physical one or a verbal one, started by some girls in school who envy her complexion and natural beauty. When they're together, other people either mistake him to be his sister's servant, or purposely call him that.

In his teen years, his brother leaves for college while his parents begin to fight each other in the household. His father's 'business trips' become more frequent, sometimes coming home during the witching hour in bruises. Money becomes a problem. Anita starts getting sick, much to Lucius's dismay. His father becomes abusive and disappears one day.

Lucius becomes more violent at school and gets suspended quite a few times for reckless behavior. Then, his father disappears, leaving him and his mother scrounging for work and money. Loansharks start coming by demanding payback and harassing Anita and his mother. Valuables are taken away as payment for what his father owed. Lucius is dissatisfied with the little pay he gets from his current work and gets involved in selling himself to the donyas in a nearby town.

At the age of 17, Lucius has already dropped out of high school by then and is helping out at a farm. He gets bitten by a lupine creature on the way home etc etc

On the eve of his birthday, Lucius is led out from his home by his cousin, who says kjsnalkfsnflsk
[MORE TO BE ADDED?? s h e t]

Initial description in sig:
He enjoys long walks by the beach down the streets, vagabonding, and occasionally helping the helpless. Also likes a good smoke and beer. Not very well known for being delicate in handling things. Misses his little sister, who has been missing since his first werewolf transformation.

[Will be changing and editing the ever living s**t of this]

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