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The best diary ever
Lina was in a dark place. There was nothing around her and she yelled but nothing came out. She looked around and light slowly started to come around her. The image of where she was finally came into view. Steal bars slowly started to form. She ran to get out but before she could her route of escape was sealed. She looked out at who her captors were and saw that their faces were shadowed but the laughs were unmistakable. It was her master and the other servants. She was being punished for something she did not even do wrong. The master put his foot on the cage and pushed it into the pool behind her. She screamed but once again nothing came out. Something was wrong water quickly filled the cage. She felt her heart pounding. She used her claws trying to break the bars. The cage completely submerged in water and she held her breathe. Starting to panic and her vision blurred and slowly started to lose consciousness. 'I'm going to die.......' Complete darkness.

A moment later she jolted up, waking up from the horrid nightmare. She was in a cold sweat. She plopped back down on the bed and heaved a sigh. "Once again...that dream again...when will it stop." Running her hands through her hair, she slowly got up and her Kitsune Ball clonked onto the floor. She smiled at its dim glow and picked it up. She gave it a small squeeze and absorbed it into herself. "Can't let anything happen to you." She made her way to the shower. Turning on the hot water she changed out of her pajamas and looked a hot shower letting the steam build up in the room. She let the water fall on the back of her head, obviously the dream was still bothering her and she could not get it out of her head. She knew what she had to do to kind of calm her nerves. She had a plan and was going to stick with it. She finished up cleaning herself and got changed into her normal outfit. Once dressed she grabbed her ribbon off of her nightstand and tied it into her hair. Doing so changed her from her true form to her human form. Her hair chained from all white to dark black with some white in her hair. Her tails changed as well, to cloth with bells on them. A couple of the bells clanked to the floor. Fixing her regular clothes to look natural with the bells. She smiled and walked out of her room.

She made her way around the academy, she looked at the map that they gave her and found the music room on it. She made her way through the school quickly. She wanted to get this dream out of her head and there was one song that could do it. The one song she could never do perfectly and playing it was like a battle with herself. The song was difficult and she would not let it beat her.

Finally at the music room, she found the grand piano. The design of it was beautiful. She was glad that they had one. She opened it up and played a note. It sounded crisp and in tune. The sounds was music to her ears. She sat down at the piano and took a deep breathe. She placed her fingers gently on the keys. Getting a feel for the piano and getting the tune in her head. A couple more deep breaths and then one sharp one, quickly lifting her hands up and beginning the song on the sharp note.She played vigorously and passionately. It was as if she was having a battle with herself and the song. The notes started to speed up and she knew the battle has only started. She felt that the part that she had most difficulty was coming up. Then it was here. She fought back against the song and played her heart out. She made a couple of mistakes and she winced as if she was in pain whenever it happened but she continued to play until she was finished.

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