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kyttie_kurai's rantings

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Wish list/have list
This is just for my on information- just went through the entire item list on tektek, and wrote down everything I could possibly want even if I just wanted it a little, so here it is:


Devil Tail

Nitemare Scarf

Lunar Cloak

Kiki Kitty

Prism Butterfly Mantilla

Ice Whip


Dark Halo


Belted pants

belted top

black beatnik skirt

black catscratch pants

black goth boots

black goth skirts

blaCK net top

black sleeveless silk top

black top hat

black web bustier

Blue Magic Coat

bunny luv

dark cape

fairy wand

fairy wings

flashion purple top?


g-lol blood mistress skirt/top

g-lol bruise mistress skirt/top


jacked up cape- jack grab bag 2k4 7

confused dirtay toe socks

konfuzed monochrome toe sox

leather collar with cross

lex's dark shorts

mami pants

mami top

midnight beatnik pants?

mochi the puppy

morgana's dress

nightwind dragon gown

nitemare boots

nitemare bustier

parisian red fan

prisoner's ball and chain

prisoner's shackles

raptor ice tail

red rose corsage?

staff of the angels

striped stockings

superstar purple skirt

whatever blooheart top

wild orchid kimono


Strapless Black Bra

Soft Black Underwear

Lex's Dark Top

2 Nurse Hats

Happy Ghost Sheet

2 Coco Kitties

1 wind security blanket

Mini Ghost sheet

Jacked Belt

Fishnet Stockings

G-Lol dark mistress boots

morgana's hat

morgana's gloves

felicia's gloves

Doll Ears

Holly Jolly Boots

Lunar Cowl


Black Glamrock Jean skirt

Single pink carnation-black bouquet

Blue Wulf Tail

Neutral Punk Starter Pants

Neutral Dress Starter Shirt

Neutral Punk Starter Shirt

Neutral Punk Starter Boots

Pirate Patch

Ancient Katana

Cool Starter Polo

Gwee the Dragon

Red Gunner Coat

2 Black Castaway Shirt

Berry Snug Ballon Skirt

Icy Snug Lacy Leggings

Left T box

2 Orly?hats

Warm Sporty Starter Pants

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dusk Gown

Drop Dead Gorgeous Midnight Gown

Drop Dead Gorgeous Moonlight Gown

Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Choker


2 Shadow Spirits

Berry Snug Layered Tee

Inverted Red L box

Square Box

Moss Hippie Shoes

Mini Ufo

Momo the monkey

Whatever Blackheart Tee

Single White Carnation-yellow bouquet

Buttoned down fauna skirt

Cloud Zebra Wrap

Cloud Zebra Top

Winter Rose

Flame Sword

Konfuzed Rainbow toe sox

S box

Autumn stripes pumpkin skirt

Jolly Jacket

Red Leather Mini Skirt

Spirited 2k6 Boots

2 Water meats

2 lucky stars

Spirited 2k6 gloves

Zorro Mask

Spirited 2k6 mistletoe

paperbag hoodie

Ohhh~cean blue head wrap

Spirited 2k6 candycane

Spirited 2k6 gift bag

cowhide santa hat

spirited 2k6 hat

Red candy Striped Stockings

Mustard Ruffled top

Long Bull Horns

Spirited 2k6 scarf

2 November 2006 thank you letters (momo and ufo)

5 december 2006 thank you letters (winter rose, elemental hair, flame sword)

Felicia's elegant shoes

G-lol dark mistress skirt

G-lol Dark Mistress top

Elegant Veil

Nitemare Parasol

Nitemare collar

Questing takes alot outta you
Current state of mind (because the mood thing reminds me of emos): stressed

I was questing to get my G-Lol dark mistress skirt and all night i have been posting. i got from 847 to 1642... well after a purchase of that and Louis's pants I found myself down to 200 something gold. That pisses me off.

Well anways i woke up depressed and missed school because of it. me and my oh-so-kind father got in 3 huge arguments today, i got referred to as "aspirin girl" there's a wolf that stole my bed, i'm sick and in pain and today just over-all sucked. well yesterday actually but still.

I need gold and wish there was an easier way to do it.

In the real world I need cash too, I'm trying to get my friend Louis up here and have no funds to do it.

Well I'm going to go, I'm nicing out and sick of certain members on gaia stealing my money in posts... you know who you are....

Community Member

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