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in side my head
My thoughts are like me, Completely random.
Quick Update on my Life

I, Kae, Have finally gotten my learners! With the Universe hell bent against me on this, I say WIN!!!!
But let's rewind a little here.

So I went to my dad's house this weekend for my little brother's birthday. As usual Ty and Allen were extatic to see me 'come home'. I started back up on this game I was addicted to last time I was over there and I got to move Uzunaru, Todo, and Bunbun (My stuffed Bear, Dog, and Rabbit) To a safer enviorenment, i.e. out of my mother's crumbling home and into my dad's semi-new one. And then I realized I left my phone in my mom's car, but that wasn't as big of a problem as I thought'd be.
So the next day, it's the morning of my lil' brother's birthday party. I went downstairs to use the unoccupied bathroom in the kitchen, only to find water all over the floor. What was my first thought? 'Oh, i see Allen was playing with the sink again, he likes to do that ya know.' So I didn't think much of it and went back upstairs to get ready for the day.
Not too long affter, my dad is calling down for som towels because the 'ice machine' to the fridge had broken dawn and there was water all over the kitchen floor. Come to find out, the water wasn't the sink, wasn't the frige, and wasn't Moaning Mertal. The tolet in the little pocket bathroom in the kitchen had decied it was done putting up with our s**t, literaly, and attempted suicid.

After calling afew people and guessing the problem acouple of times, we FINALLY got the bathroom porblem handled.

But not after we stressed good and well over it and my lil' brother's birthday.

You see, with me, a birthday is just another day in the year. Yes it marks the day you entered this world, and yes it's the mile stone of your life, but I still don't get the whole purpose for celebreting it in such a way. Me? I'm perfectly happy with a cake and a few friends. Yes, presents are nice and I'm greatful to get them, but they aren't nessisary.
So when my Step-mom is Trying sooooo hard to apease a single-digit year old on his birthday, I'm scratching my head and asking myself why the whole house is tangled up in streamers. And this year was the worst.
Ty had decided that he wanted a StarWars themed birthday. I admit, the kid has taste, but when your going to the extremites that Mel went through to make this little boy happy and have him react as he did, I'd have smacked him so hard and forbid him ever have another birthday party so long he live under my roof.

Dad and Mel had yet to think of a good game to go along with the theme. So they were trying to make a 'Use the Force' game. They had bought these five fingered mittens, a packet of 'magic buttons' (small round magnets) and Mel got started on making bean bags and stuffing washers in them. But that was a total bust when the washers proved to be lighter then the beans and stuck to the top.
So in a fit of desperation they called upon me and my artisic expertises to make the 'Pin the _ on the _'. What did I make. I drew Aniken Skyewalker from that cartoon network coloring book Ty had lying around cut out eight colorful lightsabers. The lightsabers were 'Blue, Green, Purple, and Red', just like the movies! Because I'ma dork like that! XD And thus we had 'Pin the Lightsaber on the Jedi'.

After we all almost skipped lunch and quickly grabbed cold pizza, things were finally cailming down. The pulmber guy from Wichita had finally fixed our tolet and everything was set up.

Then the guest arrived.

I had to lead the kids down to the basement/toy room so that they could make all the noise that they wanted without getting killed by their parents. And when I felt I had enough of it, I turned on the tv, - - and the room went SILENT!
When they finally got bored with that, I had already left the room. They started leaking out all over the place and then the party began.

There were cup cakes, there was ice cream, there was a pinata (shaped like Darthvader's head) and cake, and presents, and god I hate that little boy! I would've killed for a birthday party like that when i was his age, (Cause that was before I got fed up with birthday's all together) and at the end of the party, that little frocker had the nerve to look over to his mother and in all seriousness ask "What did YOU guys get me?"
Mel and Dad both smiled and pointed out "We got you that bin of popcorn, and the party."
Ty "Yeah, and what else?"
Mel & Dad "The Party"
Ty *close to tears* "So you're not getting me a present this year?"
Dad "Ty, we got you the party, do you know how expensive this was?"

Yeah, if I were to do something like that for my child's birthday, and they responded that way, well, I've told you already. Altough Mel just swears up and down she's just going to take the boy's to Chucky Cheese for their birthday parties for now on. Lucky little snot nosed jerks.

But then after everything got cleaned up, I got to play more on my game (Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incedent) and got many levels closer to solving the case!

The next morning was time for church. Absolutly nothing all too interesting to talk about.
Allen was being onry, Ty was being a snot, and I was counting the minutes that they would be in class and I could enjoy the service. We then went to Taco Bell and headed home.

you see, that's another diffrence between me and my little brothers that gets in the way of me EVER feeling sorry for them. When i was their age, and still to this day, going out to eat was not common, it rarly EVER happened. So for Allen to be acting up like he was, I was shocked, and almost wacked the little booger myself.

Now let's fastforward by a LOT. to me just getting home to find out, da da da daaaaaaaa, My learners Permit had finally come in the mail! and next week I'll be going driving with my Driver's Ed Teach and get my licence. (I only have to drive six hours going through him instead of the seventy to fifty hours any other way would require.) So by next month I will be an offical driver of America!

(And yes I drive perfectly fine so I don't want to hear ANYTHING about my driving!)
Love Ya'll

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