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1. I was born in the Philippines.
2. I'm Asian; Filipino and some Chinese.
- Overly proud Filipinos annoy me. I have pride in my ethnicity, but I don't go around flaunting it. C'mon now, convincing others every minute about how 'great' our culture is, is just irritating. I'm sorry.
3. I live in Alaska.
4. I'm five feet.
5. My friends treat me like I'm four feet.
6. I play; guitar, piano, drums, violin, and I sing.
7. I sing and I'm still learning how to outward scream.
8. I daaaaance like a ********.
9. I love going to shows; moshing &3
10. I'm not into drugs or alcohol. But my friends and most of the people I know smoke da chronic/weed/maryjane : D & I really don't give a ********. It's just not for me. Kthx. I get secondhand weed from all the shows I go to. Hahah. I don't have a problem with it.
11. I'm really paranoid.
12. I'm really self-concious.
13. I don't like judgemental people.
14. I play soccer and volleyball.- varsityyy !
15. I use to skateboard, but I don't do it as much as I use to. I just longboard now.
16. Snowboarding has become a bigger interest to me than it use to.
17. I'm really into photography and art.
18. Alex Pardee is my inspiratioin in art. He's ******** amazing!
19. I plan on getting my PhD in Psychology or as nurse or doctor.
20. I've broken at least thirteen bones.
21. I'm pretty much addicted to; Sushi, greentea, vitamin water, v8, and sour patch kids.
22. I'm Roman Catholic, and I'm not gunna preach to you like other religious people.
23. I love Vans and North Faces &3
24. Zumiez, Pac Sun, Hot Topic, and Nordstrom are my favorite places to shop.
25. I visit California , like every year.
26. I wanna move there.
27. I straighten my hair every day; Yeah, I know; that's baaaaad to the bone (:
28. I ******** hate labels.
29. Labels were meant for soup cans, not people.
30. It annoys me when people yell at others like, "OHMYGAWSSH! YOU CUT YOURSELF?! YOU'RE EMMMMMMO!"
31. 'Emo' is over-genaralized.
32. I talk about sexual things, waaay too much.
33. Everything turns out sexual, right?
34. Barney was my hero.
35. People should recycle : D aha.
36. I'm not joking; people shhhhould.
37. We usually speak; Bisaya in my household.
38. My parents have an accent when they speak.
39. My dad has a supaaa heavy Asian accent.
40. My mom's pretty fluent in Engrisssh. aha.
41. Her mom was an English teacher O: Whuuut whuuut?!
42. I have a mini trampoline aaaand a huge trampoline.
43. My dad remodeled our house by himself. Pretty gangstuh, right?
44. My whole entire name is all Spanish. Buuut, I'm Asian. Hahh.
45. Part of my family; i.e.; my great great grandparents; were from Spain.
46. I have Spanish and German cousins.
47. I speak; English, Bisaya, Tagalog, French, and Russian.
48. I right cute little notes to people : D
49. I have a huuuge exercise ball in my room.
50. I play dodgeball with it.
51. I usually knock Makala and Rian out.
52. Then they bombard me with pillows.
53. I wanna repaint my naaails.
54. I should really be doing my homework.
55. I crack my knuckles a loooot.
56. That just sounded like I typed 'loot'.
57. I say 'your mother' a lot.
58. Parkour seems really cool.
59. Parkour is cool.
60. ******** am I talking about?
61. Asian people have bombtastic accents.
62. Especially the Asians that have that heavy accent, aha.
63. I need a life, hahaaa.
64. I has a myspaaazz; http://www.myspace.com/ohhmymonica
65. I've been to the hospital sooo many times.
66. I don't know why I waste my time doing this, hahah.
67. I'm drinking iced teaaa.
68. My room is pink.
69. I'm repainting it.
70. I broke my belt two days ago.
71. I'm wearing purple sweats.
72. And a DC shirt.
73. I almost typed 's**t' instead of shirt.
74. I lost my phone when I went dirtbiking.
75. Now it's burried in the sand somewhere.
76. Now I have to use my old RAZR.
77. I'm getting a new phone on December seventh.
78. If you haven't noticed, I always type out my numbers.
79. Profanity is in my daily vocabulary.
80. I'm craving Taco Bell and Subway.
81. I've always wanted braces.
82. But I don't need them.
83. I love playing with airsoft guns and paintball guns.
84. Wooooh go carting !
85. I cut haair.
86. I'm gunna keep adding onto this list.
87. I think Charlie is a pretty cool name.
88. If I had kids, I'd definately name one 'Charlie' or 'Miko'. = Dude names.
89. I still have Valentine cards from Kindergarten &3; (:
90. I like craaayons.
91. I own a sixty four pack of crayons, yo.
92. I have gauges.
93. I left my Social Studies book at school, and now I can't do my homework.
94. My homework's due tomorrow.
95. I have a volleyball game tomorrow; 111909
96. I dye my hair a lot.
97. I should stop doing that.
98. My brother is messing with my shoebox.
99. Josh is scarred, 'cause he found lube in his parents' bedroom.
100. That wasn't even a fact about me.
101. We talked about penises and v****a's during health today(:
102. I neeeed my ******** textbook!
103. I'm gunna stop stretching my earlobes.
104. I'm wearing tye-dyed socks.
105. My speakers aren't plugged in.
106. I should cut my nails.
107. I'm actually thinking about going to a smaller highschool.
108. Chances are , I'm going to a big one.
109. My back is itchhhhy.
110. I can't reach the ground when I'm sitting on certain chairs.
111. I have short legs.
112. But a long torso, so it makes me seem tall.
113. Horror films are the best.
114. Scratch that; Japanese horror films are the best.
115. I'm wearing a DGK shirt
116. Ellen Hopkins is my favorite author.
117. I use to Twitter.
118. My yellow shirt is on the floor.
119. I have too much s**t in my room.
120. I'm asking my mom for a Nikon d90 for Christmas.
121. My friends are gullable.
122. Swan tried to kiss my cheek.
123. She failed and kissed my ear instead. ahaaa.
124. I have at least four diaries.
125. I haven't written in them since I was ten, I think.
126. Adidas are my favorite brand of soccer cleats.
127. Most of the sport related clothing I wear are Adidas.
128. My volleyball shoes are Asics.
129. I'm starting to like Nike's more.
130. I clicked on a link, and hairy-man legs popped up.
131. That's grosss.
132. Annoying, meaningless prank phone calls annoy the s**t outta me.
133. Shakira's 'She Wolf' video made me laugh.
134. Britney Spear's bald, looks like a British man(:
135. I wish that I was pretty.
136. Surprisingly, the majority of s**t in my room is pink.
137. That's really weird.
138. I don't really like pink that much.
139. I wanna suck helium right now! harharrr.
140. i &333 Transformers!
141. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are my heroes(:
142. I'm wearing my 'I ♥ boobies (keep a breast)' bracelet.
143. It's for breast cancer awareness.
144. I want an English bulldog!
145. Aaaaand a Pitbull, a Rotweiler, and a German Shepherd.
146. My legs are heeeeella itchy :{D
147. I'm cutting my nails now.
148. Now I have the hiccups.
149. Penises look like bloated worms.
150. Heeeeella gross! I know!
151. It annoys me when people are just like "OMGILOVE ALL TIME LOW AND 3oh!3!" And all they know is one song from them.
152. I hate how Nevershoutnever is well known now.
153. I hate when people try to act "scene" or "emo".
154. Stop acting like someone you're not.
155. Be yourself.
156. I happen to rant, a lot.
157. I hate how people think Taylor Lautner's hot.
158. He isn't that hot to me.
159. Girls like him for his abs.
160. Which are absolutely stunning bytheway, I'm not gunna lie : D
161. But, I do like the Twilight Saga; the movie wasn't that good though.
162. My day was s**t, today 121409 : )
163. I'm illlllllll.
164. I's be drinkin' the green tea.
165. I need more true friends.
166. I have no drama in my life at this point , whatsoeveer.
167. I want it to stay like that.
168. 'Cause drama is fo' suckaaaas(:
169. I had a test today in Social Studies; it's ******** Monday !
Who gives out tests on Monday?!
170. I'm pretty sure I failed that test. Or atleast got a C.
171. ********.
172. I read FML's errrryday , yo !(:
180. Same thing with MLIA(:
181. It's New Years Eve(: &3
182. Goodbye 2009, I'm not gunna ******** miss you.
183. Hello 2010(:
184. I get to watch fireworks tonight, after the party at my house.
185. GROSS. School's on Monday.
186. But whatever, I'm not even gunna think about that.
187. I wish had winter break for two months &333
188. I find Family Guy stupid and funny.
189. It bugs me when people give me a certain stare when I'm at the mall.
190. Seriously, what're you looking at? It's not like you're hot s**t anyways.
191. I finally bought a pair of jeans at Hot Topic today; 021510 : )
192. I usually get my jeans at PacSun.
193. I actually care about what people think of me.
194. Insecurity kicks in; When people say something, it runs in my mind for a while. But I usually forget about it.
195. Girls have way too much drama in their lives; yes? I think so.
196. Luckily, I'm not that girl anymore.
197. Drama is complete bullshit and wastes time.
198. I can name all the girls I don't like.
199. I'd like to punch them in their faces.
200. All they have in their lives are drama and bullshit.
201. I happen to love TheBuriedLife & My Life As Liz &3
202. I have my own; "100things to do before I die" list.
203. I had one when I was little, but I never put up with it.
204. So, I've decided where I wanted to move when I get older; Top four picks; California, New York, Canada, or Nevada.
205. I like boys in cardigans and moccasins ♥
206. I'm seeing Atreyu on 052110 <333
207. I got a free ticket to KoRn and I didn't even go to the show.
The hell maaaayn.

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