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The Angel's Fire chpt. 11
The Angel's Fire
Chapter 11

Slowly, I opened my eyes. I felt different, and very uneasy. Lighter, like I just got out of the ocean, but heavier at the exact same time. My whole body was sore as I sat up. I didn't even remember what had happened.
I knew that I was on my bed, my mother was sleeping beside me on the couch, and it was daytime.
Forcing myself out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom.
I splashed some water on my face, hoping it would wake me up, until I looked in the mirror, I screamed.
My hair! It was black yesterday, I know it was!
Now it had streaks of pure white!
"Purge? Are you alright?!" She ran in.
"What the hell is going on?? What's with my hair?!"
Than Angel walked up from behind my mom. As soon as I looked at him, my heart was on rewind. I remembered everything.
Angel getting beat on by the demons, me running at them to stop, the girl demon ripping my lung out.....
With a gasp my hand flew to my chest.
"My lung.. what happened?" There was a scar, that ran from the front of my clavicle to my chest plate. "Why aren't I dead?"
"I can explain everything Purge." Angel said.
"Well? Start explaining... Because I'm confused."
Angel sat down on my bed and signaled my mother and I to sit.
"When the demon, Makali, took your lung out, she also took it with her.
In order to try and save your life Purge, I removed my own lung and tranfered it into your body. I didn't even know if the proceedure was going to work, I was sure you were going to die."
"Thank God he didn't!" My mother pulled me into a hug.
"Well he is still alive for now, as long as you release your grip on him Dawn, the poor boy is turning blue."
My mother released my from her hug and I was able to catch my breath.
"Sorry dear."
"It's fine.. So, what exactly happened after that?"
"Your father found us. Brought you back here. A few hours into bringing you home, your hair started changing. I'm guessing during the transfer I unintentionally gave you some of my angelic powers."
"Angelic powers..? Tell me more."
"I'll let you two sort things out, I'll go do more research."
My mother kissed my on the head and left us alone.
"So, tell me how you're feeling?" he asked me.
"I feel kinda..... unbalanced."
"Well I had no intention of giving you my powers, I didn't even know I could by transfusion."
"Hmm...so what about you? Are you ok? With the.. you know..?" I asked pointing to his chest.
"Oh, yes." He opened up hi shirt, and there was only a line of red were the scar should've been. "One benefit of being an angel, we cannot be killed. I can loose all my organs and still be walking around. Kinda like a radiant, holy zombie."
We laughed at that.
"But seriously though, back on subject. That wasn't all that happened to me."
"Are you ok?"
"After Makali almost killed you, she tore out one of my wings."
He turned around and showed me the scar. It was ugly, and still raw.
"Can't you just grow one back, or get a new one or...?"
"No. Once a wing is removed, it is lost forever. A wing is an angel's pride. It's what seperates us from the other holy angels."
"Other holy angels? There are more than just one type?"
"Yes. There are three. Messenger angels protect you by giving you ideas or thoughts, that will help you go down the right path. Watcher angels are the Gaurdians, who are assigned one person for life to protect and watch over. And then there are the Warrior angels, which I was from. It was my job to fight the demons from this world and protect your race from further attacks.
We warriors are not even supose to expose our names to mortals, my name is not Angel. As a code from the Almighty One, we were not to let anyone know our names as long as we remain warriors."
"I am no longer a warrior. I am now a Fallen. With a wing gone I can no longer return to the Heavens, so I am doomed to wander the Earth for eternity as a Fallen."
"So... What is your name?" I asked.
"Sheikh." He smirked.
"Sheikh." I repeated.
"Yes. It means 'leader'. Since I was born, I was destined to lead. But I guess that destiny has been altered."
"Alright then, Sheikh. Can you explain to me now whats happening to me?" I asked playing with my white hair.
Sheikh stepped closer to me and looked deeply into my eyes.
"Hmm...I wonder. Purge, I am going to test something.Watch me very closly."
Sheikh closed his eyes and opened up his palms. In the next few seconds a ball of light appeared in his palm and formed a sword!
"Woah..! Is it real?"
"Yes, it is no illusion. We angels have the ability to solidify objects we can create in our minds. Touch it."
I touched the blade, it was solid.
"How did you do this?"
"Close your eyes Purge, and open your palms outwards. Now, think of something, and imagine it in your hand. It can be anything. Imagine it, and imagine that it is real. Make it feel real, make it look real, imagine that you believe it IS real. And MAKE it real."
I did what he told me to do. I thought of something simple, like a hocky stick.
But when I opened my eyes, there was nothing there.
"I can't do it?"
"No, you did it. I saw the light, but you didn't concentrate long enough to hold it and solidify."
"How'd you do it so quickly?"
"Milleniums of practice my boy." Sheikh patted my head.
"Sheikh? Can I use this power to save my sister?"
"Over my life, I have never known a cure for demonism. Even with our powers."
"Demonism? She's just dead!"
"At the moment, yes. But over time, she will become a demon. They all do. Just like in Heaven, over time, all are given roles to play as angels. When you die, your age starts over, and at the eighteenth birthday you are given your name and role. I was named Sheikh and given duty as a warrior. Donna is in Hell, over time, she will become a demon."
"But you said during the eighteenth birthday, we have eighteen years to get her out of there!"
"No. Eighteen weeks actually. Time is faster in eternal worlds, much faster than here on earth. One year here, would be like twelve years in Heaven or Hell. She's already been there a week, that's already a year. She's trapped."
"Damn it..." I sighed.
"Come on boy.. Let's go see if your mother found anything."

(What will happen next? Find out in the Angel's Fire chapter 12!)

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