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Don't wait for your dreams to happen, chase them.
Adventure comes to the open minded.
OC #4:

Name: Rylie Devlin
Nickname: Rye
Age: ​17
Gender: Female
Species: ​Angel with a hint of evil. 
Birthday: July 24th
Body Type: Medium body. C-cup. Between pale and tanned skin. It tends to glow sometimes.
Markings: There is a small crimson tattoo on her back. It's in the shape of two wings. This marking disappears when she pulls out her wings.
Wings: Her wings are a dull crimson color. It represents the small portion of evil inside of her.
Height: 5"6'-5"7'
Weight: 125-130 lbs.
Hair Type/Color: Long wavy hair. Golden blonde color.
Eyes: Heavenly Blue
Personality: She is a sweet character who enjoys sharing her love, but she has episodes of evil that take over her mind for short periods or time.
Outfits: She wears gold necklace with a deep red gem on the end. She also wears a red or white dress. She doesn't we
Favorites: Red, Muffins, Doves
Biography: Rylie was born out of heaven. Considering the fact that she holds some evil inside her makes it impossible to enter heaven, but she has too much angel in her to be welcomed into hell. Her parents were both angels, however, her father was the result of an angel and demon. This makes Rylie only a quarter demon. Throughout her life her parents have tried to teach her good, but her and her father's evil sides sometimes bleed out. She roams the earth with her father, finding new things to do. Rylie's mother lives in heaven, but she comes to visit her beloved family often. Rylie also finds out that she has two older brothers, but the evil in them took over their minds. So far Rylie has been able to somewhat control the evil desires in her, but her father struggles frequently. The two have been looking for a way to banish the evils from their bodies, but have been unsuccessful each time.

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