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My coffee cup is empty. Why is that?
Dear Diary, Mood: I think I'm going to kill someone.
Yes that is EXACTLY how I feel right now- Like killing someone. I am so incredibly angry and pissed off it could possibly be funny but it's not.

So anyways, let's create a little scenario here shall we?

Mum: Hey Imelda, what would you like to do for Christmas this year?
Me: I dunno Mum, I don't really wanna do anything, just stay at home I guess.
Mum: Oh! Coolio. We can do that. Why that though?
Me: Because I spent the last two, dissapointing Christmasses at Dad's house and this year I'd just like to stay home.
Mum: Okay!


Alright, well that was a couple of weeks ago. And my mum wouldn't actually say coolio. . . Anyways, lets look at what happened today when my brother came over. I assume that they were talking while I was in the front room on the computer and suddenly came up with the idea that I like having my wishes ignored. Let's create another little scenario and see what happened.

Luke: Hey Mel, Guess what? We decided to completely ignore what you want and now your staying at Dad's for Christmas! Hoorah!
Me: Oh. . .great. Lucky me.

No my brother didn't actually say it like that. Still, thats what it feels like and thats why I'm completey and utterly pissed off. Isn't it dandy. I feel like I've been stabbed in the back. I told mum I didn't want to go to Dad's for Christmas this year! I said it around 50 times and explained exactly why around 100. Grrrr.

This is why I feel like killing someone in the most brutal, humiliating, inhumane way possible. Just as a suggestion though, I think it's better to stay away from me right now. I don't actually want to hurt anyone.

Oh and Mario's staying over tonight. Again. So much for voicing my opinion.

Home time blues.
Blues you ask? Why not Jazz they say? Well because your gay and I don't like you. . .Even if I haven't met you before. That's right! I can tell!

Yeah I don't really know why blues. I'm happy to be at home with hay fever and a cold. I really am. I get to read fanfiction and yaoi smut and not do work and stuff. Though I did kinda wanna go to school today if only for art and that voice party but. . .home is so much better. Besides, if I did go, I'd be snotting all over people. Yes, snotting. And they would not be happy.

So anyways, It's the last week of school and I'm all, 'hoorah! last week of school!' and stuff without really caring that much. I think it rather fascinating that I can keep up the facade of caring when really I don't. Actually, I keep up alot of facades. I'm rather proud of myself because of it. Like my 'WOOH! I'M CONSTANTLY HYPER AND STOOPID AND HAPPY!' facade. Everytime I let it down people are like, 'Woah, what the ******** happened. I think she's dead on the inside.' Which is only half true. Somehow. Yes I do love it ever so much when my sarcastic nature comes out to play. Usually I keep her chained down as not to scare people too much. Amazing, Amazing.

Talking about amazing(times are a calling for you to go 'Amazing?') tommorrow is the house afternoon. 'House afternoon?' you ask? Well kiddily winks, let me let you in on a little secret- The House afternoon is a whooole afternoon where we get to dress up in house colours and pretend to care about getting house points for a stupid cup no-one cares about apart from the year eights and the stupid idiot who leads our house and who has a terrible lisp that makes me want to cut his toungue out! Oh goodie! Yes it is the day of the house afternoon. A spectacular event in itself, I'm sure. Oh god someone get me a shotgun. I don't want to go to the house afternoon and play theatre sports all afternoon under the pretense of having fun. It will NOT HAPPEN. The only plausible reason I will go to school tommorrow is because I have art first up and I need to finish my shoe. That is my one and ONLY reason. Maybe my cold and hayfever shall get worse and I can get out of it. And even if I do get forced to go, I shall wear everything but red. ******** red, I say. My faction, Sampson, will get quite a surprise. 'Where's your team spirit?' they shall ask and I shall reply sharply, "******** you, I have no team spirit!" and they will just gasp and faint. Oh yes, rebellion is so much fun.

On terms of rebellion, I have this to state- Rebellion is a thing of beauty, whether rebelling for a cause or rebelling for the sake of rebelling, it is all the same as we are teenagers and it is what we do. Like for example, yesterday Mr Smokesey decided to make us watch Star Wars which all of us had seen around a million times. Now, being the advanced class we are, we wanted to discuss during the movie like we do during everything. Discussion is a way of life for us. Nothing is as it seems and there is always more than one point of view on things. Unfortuantly, Mr Smokesey doesn't get this. Being a relief teacher, he doesn't get much of anything. Like the fact that he smells disgusting and has less taste in clothing than my dog who doesn't wear clothing. Yes, he is a half wit. As he said, we were watching the movie as to get a good idea about good and evil. No, of course we couldn't have watched any other movie to illustrate this. Definatly not something we hadn't watched before. Anyway, we told him around a million times that we werent interested and when we started discussing about the topic, he offered for us to go outside. Well really, he only offered Tess and myself but it wasn't either of us who took the offer, but my friend Kristina who wasn't really doing anything. There we have it- Rebelling for the sake of rebelling. She wasn't being targeted, yet she took up the offer anyway.

Well, I'm getting rather bored of typing now so. . .

Aduei. If that is how you spell it.

Have a nice day.

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