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Yoshis' Thoughts Dun dun duuuun....

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<----//--Make the Voices In My Head Stop.--//---->

Name- Landon Reese Morita

Nickname - Lan, Reese
Age - 18
Gender - Male
Birth Date - March 30, 1990
Appearance -
Personality - I am a very quiet person. I tend to be a bit self centered in public, but that's only because I'm afraid to open up. I hate socializing with new people, and will hardly be seen speaking with anyone but my few friends, and even then, it's very seldomly. I have a very dark humor, finding a comedy in others misfortune. You have to admit, it's halarious! I can be quite a**l when I want to be and usually I want to be pretty often. If you don't know me, get the ******** out of the way, or I'll make you get out of the way, weither you like it or not. Yes, I am a p***k... usually. I do have my up moments, if I know you that is. For my small group of what you would call 'friends,' I'm really quite enjoyable.

Favorite Top 3:

-Cheese Burgers

-Dark Blue

Things In A Guy/Girl:
-Why, looks, of course
-Mysterious Type preferred
-Blue eyes


-Getting out of this mental house
-Sketching non-sense
-Getting into trouble

Biography - Ok little kids, settle down now. I'm going to tell you a nice little story! Pft! Who am I kidding? This story is far from nice. So sit your asses down and listen! I don't care if you have to take a piss or not, sit! Now then, do I have everyones' attention? Good! Now, where to begin?... Hmmm.... Well.....

Imagine your perfect life. Loving parents, a cool house, a perfect girlfriend, awesome friends, the whole nine yards. Got it? You sure? Good. Well, that's how my life was. Yup, nice and perfect, just like any teenage guy would want it. Life was great! Then BAM! Life throws a curve ball at you and decides that your dad doesn't really love your mom! Life decides that having two parents would be too nice, so it decides to make your dad have an affair with some dits! Well, of course mum found out, dear old Pops should have seen it coming. Of course she threw a fit... Well.... A shoe actually... Hit him square in the head, nearly knocking him out! But that's another story... As I was saying, my dad had an affair with some chick he met at churh, go figure, and my mom soon found out and shot the b*****d! Not that I blame her, but still. A bit harsh. Of course she went crazy. I guess it's not very easy seeing your man half naked with some blonde wrapped around him... Who would have known. Anyway, she went partially loco on me. leaving me practically on my own. Did I mention that the death of my father threw me into some kind of crazy downward spiral of depression? Yeah... That. Well, life was pretty ******** by now, but wait, it gets better.

I know right? Better? How the hell can it possibly get better? Well, if you shut the ******** up, I'd tell you! Ok, now my dad's dead, my mom has about half a brain cell left, and I'm left to fend for myself. Ok, fine. Do-able, not preferred, but do-able. Then I get a phone call from a beloved friend of mine named Robyn Jones Smith. Lovely name, isn't it? Isn't it?! Yeah, I thought so too. Well, at the time anyway. This particular girl happens to be one of the reasons why I'm in this goddamn hell hole! "Hey huuuuuun," she says, all nice and giggly. "I know you're going through some hard times right now, but I think we should see other people. Sorry." Sorry!? Screw you, b***h! How's that for a slap across the face, god hates you and your miserable life Landon! The dumb broad decides to leave me for some football dork. Whatever, I don't need her. Pft! Who needs some super hot, super fun babe in their life anyways?! Who needs ya?! Right? RIGHT?! Yeah, that's right. Anyway, before I start ranting and raving again about how dumb this Robin was, I'll go on with this wonderful story! Ok, children? Ok, then!

Two years ago! Mom finally snapped out of it. It starte doff kind of weird... Her first words in an entire year was, "I have to piss..." What the hell? I know... But, whatever. Different strokes for different folks, or some bull spit like that. Well, she finally wake sup out of this retarded, half dead, state that she was stuck in. Whoo! Mom's back! Right? RIGHT?! WRONG! the b***h wakes up just to boss me around and drop all her problems on me! As if I didn't have enough drama of my own! So now I have one... half a parent, no girl, no money, and some brat to watch over! Oh yes, life is great! Well, by this point, I have two options. One, to take orders like a good little boy, or the second option. To blow her brains out. Well, I'll tell you one tihing. I love my mom and all that s**t, but I'm done taking orders. So, well, buh bye mommy! The funny thing is, no matter how well you wipe up blood, no matter how much of a neat freak you are, cops always find a way to find that damn stain! Damn technology now days! Ah well... At least I don't have to deal with anyone telling me what to do. Oh, what?! A mental institute!? GOD DAMNIT!

(If Patient) Problem - Severe Depression

Other - In some very extreme cases, he has a pretty short temper. Though it only comes out towards people he especially dislikes.

<----//--Please, Help Me.--//---->


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