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Fangstahia part one
This is a story im wright right now..........
by Maelena Rowlett

What I want I can not have. He holds my dead heart as it races through my body and with that single touch he gives me I hear my heart beat once. My name is Fangtashia and I live among mortals none of them have any idea what kinda of trouble there all in. I look like you avrage teenager but, once night falls I am you worst nightmare. All though I am a vampier I am tan I have black hair and brown eyes but at night my eyes glow green and my fangs grow. I seem to find myself hanging out with mortal I know shouldnt but I think I love one of them.

“Fangtashia come on lets get going” Hunter says
“Allright ill be right there” I rush down the stairs and out the door. Me and hunter walk to school everyday hes is my mortal friend and someone who I think I love.
“Hunter may I ask you acouple questions?”
“Sure shot”
“Do you belive in god?”
“Hmm” He just looked at me all puzzled.
“I guess you can say I do alittle not that if we don’t belive in him well go to hell just that where put on this earth to live a life and then die”
“Yea I guess so” That night I went home and though to my self about all that hunter had said.”To come and live and life then die” Iv been alive since 1823 with me my mom, my dad, my sister, and my two older brothers and there husband and wifes. I know that onces im of age ill have to get married to a vampier of my familys choseing but I cant help fall in love with humans. I don’t want this for my life but I know I will become qeeun of the underworld soon. I don’t think my parents will understand I hardly understand it. My brother walks in and tells me it time for our nightly hunter.
“As qeeun to be you shall lead the pack for tonight” my dad says
“this should be good” my brothers say
My eyes change there colors my fangs come then its off to hunt. I smell blood like a wounded animal or human.
“This way ”
Everyone follows then I start to relize the smell is fimilar. It was hunter his leg was bleeding my family swams him.
“Shot ”
I jumped out of the tree with my back to him.
“Not him”
“Well why not ?”
“Hes infected with something I can smell it in his blood”
“oh...good eye”
“Iff you tell anyone about this boy we will come after you and kill you ”
Hunter looked scard and passed out. Well our hunt failed and wewent home we all went to sleep. The next day hunter started talking to me aobut it how he would love to kill every last one of “Them”. I felt so sad I was so alone that day just the thoiugh of him hated me killed me deep in side even though im already dead.
I wanted nothing more but to be with him for the rest of my vampier life. I know im not to love humans or be with them cause one wrong move and my sense could make em do something i utterly regreat.

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