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Compleat RANDOMNESS!!!!!
About Me A-Z
Stolen from tayuya-garra-909

- Available: Yes, but I don't wan't a boyfriend
- Age: 13
- Annoyance: When people assume thing about others
- Allergic: Oak, ragweed, and somthin else
- Animal: Don't have a favorite
- Actor: Kate Blan-somthing
- Beer: blegh! Nasty!
- Birthday/Birthplace: Oct. 10
- Best Friends: Rachel Lizz Emily
- Body Part on opposite/same sex: Eyes
- Best feeling in the world: Hysterical Laughter
- Blind or Deaf: Neither, thank you very much
- Best weather: SUNNY!!
- Been in Love: No.
- Been bitched out?: Yes by my mom
- Been on stage?: Hello, Im in band! I LIVE on stage!
- Believe in yourself?: Sometimes...
- Believe in life on other planets: No.
- Believe in miracles: Der I'm Chatholic
- Believe in Magic: It would be cool, but no.
- Believe in God: Oh yeah!
- Believe in Satan: yes
- Believe in Santa: no... Thanks to my older sis
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Kinda sorta yeah...
- Believe in Evolution: Sorta

- Car: dont own one
- Candy: caramel
- Colour: BLUE!
- Cried in school: no
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese
- Cake or pie: pie
- Countries to visit: Japan!!!

- Day or Night: Day
- Dream vehicle: A metallic blue sports car
- Danced: yes at the school dances...
- Dance in the rain?: I love doing that!
- Dance in the middle of the street?: yep!^-^
- Do the splits?: Not even close!

- Eggs: No Thanks
- Eyes: Brown
- Everyone has: The right to have friends.
- Ever failed a class?: Math. But for that class I don't really care.

- First crush: Ummmm...
- Full name: STALKER!!!!
- First thoughts waking up: What?! Why now?! 5 more minutes!!!
- Food: Love it!

- Greatest Fear: dieing young
- Giver or taker: Both, depending on the day
- Goals: Get a job at Pixar
- Gum: Hate it
- Get along with your parents?: Never
- Good luck charms: My sketch pad

- Hair Colour: brown
- Height: 5' 7.5"
- Happy: mostly....
- Holidays: ones where i don't have to see my reletives...
- How do you want to die: I want to die laughing!!
- Health freak?: Hells no! 10sec. rule!!!
- Hate: Hate.

(In boys)
- Eye colour: ? dunno
- Hair Colour: Brown/black?
- Height: Perferably taller or same hieght as me.
- Clothing Style: Crisp, Presentable
- Characteristics: funny. And as a bonus christain/chatholic
- Ice Cream: He better like Vanilla Bean w/ Hersey's Chocolate Syrup!
- Instrument: saxaphone or somthing similar
I play: bass clairinet and will never go back to my B-flat
I love: Too much to list...

- Jewelry: nothing, usually
- Job: Not right now, I'll get one when I'm older

- Kids: Hate having to entertain them...
- Kick-boxing or karate: nope but I take fencing.
- Keep a journal?: Does this one count?

- Longest Car Ride: From Texas to Indianna every summer and winter...-_-
- Love: Don't know a thing about it
- Letter: Hate the letters a,b,c,and d. TAKS test takes the blame.
- Laughed so hard you cried: Lol, all the time!
- Love at first sight: isn't real. Deal with it.

- Milk flavour: regular
- Movie: LOTR, Star Wars, Robin Hood: Men in Tights.....
- Mooned anyone?: no but I've been mooned... not a pretty sight...
- Marriage: Is very far away
- Motion sickness?: I don't think I have it
- McD's or BK: eeewww!!! Ethnic food plz!!!

- Number of Siblings: one older sister
- Number of Piercings: one on each ear
- Number: 2

- Overused Phrases: What?! Why?!
- One wish: A thousand more wishes
- One phobia: Playing in front of the entire band alone...

- Place you'd like to live: I like where I live now
- Pepsi/Coke: Hate soda.

- Quail: are cool
- Questionnaires: Too long...
- Quote: don't have one.XD

- Reason to cry: death of a friend
- Reality T.V.: Don't care much for em'.
- Radio Station: 102.3 The River
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: yes

- Song: waaaayyy too many to list
- Shoe size: 10
- Sushi: bleh. I hate fish, especially when its raw....
- Skipped school: yes.
- Slept outside: yeah, It was really nice!
- Seen a dead body?: Don't want to remember them that way.
- Smoked?: no and I never will!
- Skinny dipped?: NO THANKS!!!
- Shower daily?: yes!!!
- Sing well?: Yes
- In the shower?: Oh, yes, all the time
- Swear?: yes
- Stuffed Animals?: Love em!
- Single/Group dates: no
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberrys all the way!
- Scientists need to invent: A really nice alternative energy source and in a hurry!!

- Time for bed: 10:30 (sort of)
- Thunderstorms: are awesome
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: nope!

- Unpredictable: Yes
- Understanding?: Yes
- Under the influence?: nope! I'M ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!

- Vegetable you hate: Many of them
- Vegetable you love: Many...of...them?
- Vacation spot: Japan

- Weakness: sports
- When you grow up: Animation artist!!!
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Rachel. Well sorta.
- Who makes you laugh the most: I will laugh at everyone and everything
- Worst feeling: Defeat
- Wanted to be a model?: NO
- Where do we go when we die: Heaven! Duh!
- Worst weather: Extremely humid, and hot, and sunny
- Walk with a book on your head?: I can

- X-Rays: only for my teeth.

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: yuck!

- Zoo animal: I LOVE ANIMALS!!
- Zodiac sign: Libra

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