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Amemya's journal
... The Random Thoughts of a Random Person ...
Username- Sybill
Class- Caster
True Identity- Sybill of Delphi
Photo- click! - art by Dellemi
Noble Phantasm(s)-"Divination" (B):
Sybill calls upon Apollo, opening the gates of the Alexandrian Library which grants her access to all arcane knowledge and history from future and past. As a result, she can read a scroll, and call upon its contents (for instance, a tidal wave). the Her Noble Phantasm can be used up to 3 times, depending on how powerful the scroll was.
Stats- Strength: D, Endurance: D, Agility: A , Speed: A, Mana: A, Luck: B
Skills- Sybill can gain winged anklets to levitate, but they use up a bit of mana. Her staff allows her to blast orbs of energy towards her foes.
Specialty- "Forecast"; as priestess of Apollo, she's capable of perceiving events involving her and her master before they happen. Due to this, she's a tough cookie in 1v1, but weak when dealing with multiple oponents as she can have only one vision at the time.
Bio- As the headpriestess to Apollo, Sybill was a well-known and well-respected oracle whom kings bowed for. Due to this, she has become an arrogant, confident woman who believes that kings should obey her every word. Alexander, the King of Conquerors, paid her a visit in Delphi before trying to reach "Oceanos" and trying to conquer the world. She told him to refrain from exceeding the Persian borders or to die, making his empire die with him. Her words became true. Her biggest regret is not being able to convince Alexander.
Other- She is called "The Treasure of Treasures" due to her unique ability to foretell the future and read the past. This has made her desirable for many kings and warlords as the outcome of any situation could be altered before it even manifestated itself.

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