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nightmares youll wish you never heard of and things that really hapend they ALL really hapend if u get scared plz coment me or just if u like it beware theres some stuff in here thats bloody and vilant if u get scared easaly DONT READ

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friday the 13?
it was friday the thirteenth and i was once agin home alone in my house.great....the day of bad luck and im stuck home alone in this house of all god damn places.i said to my self.
"mew....mew...."i heard someone say
i turned around-nothing was there.i sighed and sat on the couch.turning on the t.v i heard it agin
"mew...mew"the voise said agin
i once agin turned to see nothing there
"ok who's there"i yelled
"mew...mew"the voise got louder
i fallowed it to where it was the loudest-my room.opening the door a feeling a danger came over me.i ignored it and opened the door...i saw a young girl she looked to be 5 siting on my bed holding my teddybear nightmare
"who are you?"i asked in a quiet voise
her eyes turned from blue to red and a sly smile came to her face"in two years.....he will come and youwill fall in love agin....mew...mew....your doomed..."her voise faded away as she did leaving nightmare floating in mid air.i was shocked and amazed."in two years mr right will come please yah right"i said to nightmare.
two years later!
i've fallen in love....oh dear.i relised....that girl was right i fell in love just as she said i would.....great...
*this whole thing isn't really scary if you ask me.but this did hapen to me whe i was 10 im 12 now the girl who told me i would aperes before me now a few mounths before something major happens to me...idk if shes good or bad....but she comes and sits on my bed and tells me im doomed to something or another funny how what she predidced came true i was amazed when i relised it
rembeer there are things in this world that can and will hurt you....just becuase you can't see them doesn't mean there not there beware mew

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